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Helping Our Neighbors, Healing Our Minds, 7/5/2020

The first anniversary of the birth of a pocket prairie restoration comes and goes, so this posts both recaps the process and features the biodiversity that a native prairie habitat can bring to a suburban landscape. With such success, it’s no wonder that Restoration Project #2 was born the same weekend, in celebration.

Portraits of a Pocket Prairie, 4/19/2020

During the ‘new normal’ of COVID-19 restrictions and stay-at-home orders, the limelight was given to all the prairie players who kept us sane as we figured out what’s next. These close-ups are personal.

One Month Establishment, 11/6/2019

Step 3: Sit and wait for rain and cooler weather. In the meantime, stock-pile the climax grasses and forbs (aka flowers) in containers and purchase the desired seed mix. When all the pieces are together in one place, build it.

Under Cover, 7/30/2019

Step 2: Heal the soil that was unwittingly killed along with the turf grass. All the plastic gets removed and recycled, chipped tree mulch put in its place for two more months of waiting.

Death of a Turf Grass, 7/2/2019

Step 1: In order to build a wild ecosystem, first you must eliminate the established domestic one. We did it with the sun’s rays and plastic … and time.

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