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WordPress is a bit like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, except that weblog (‘blog’) posts are generally longer, richer in content. Posts — and even Pages like this — are a media-rich narrative of this family’s suburban life infused daily with nature.

The format chosen, Edin, is optimized for PC’s with flat screens while also easily read from a phone or tablet., my go-to when outdoors. It is designed to be browsed/searched at any time that is convenient for any reader. (Mostly me, probably.)

To get a feel for what’s here, click on the sample platter of posts listed below or type a keyword in the search box at the top to see if you get lucky.

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids Blog
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2020 Top Posts

Ah … the year of the worldwide pandemic. I remember now. My own backyard garden, as well as the school gardens, took the back back burner as a prairie habitat was watched and learned from.

2019 Top Posts

As I wound down the school garden project, I cranked up another: becoming a Texas Master Naturalist™ of the Coastal Prairie Chapter. Oh … and building a prairie in my backyard!

2018 Top Posts

The school garden continues on to complete the 12-month (or more) commitment to teachers of an elementary school, so blogging is lack-luster once again. But we’re still here and loved by a faithful following .. thanks!

2017 Top Posts

As teens become more capable of caring for themselves (and even taking care of the house!), Mrs. Dirt takes soil ecology concepts to another venue — the neighborhood elementary school. Volunteering takes precedent this year, and blogging takes the back burner.

2016 Top Posts

Targeted ads are removed from the site, decreasing clutter and increasing content focus. A life of running a school, tending a vegetable garden, birding in the off-times, and generally being outdoors and learning about our world continues uninterrupted.

2015 Top Posts

We loved doing the Birding Big Year so much we decided to do it again! Only this time, new places get explored, looking for specific bird species, and participating in a citizen science project. DirtNKids (Soil, Kids, Nature) and GreensForGood (Vegan) were merged — two great things that just go together.

2014 Top Posts

Birding was high on the agenda as we took on our first Birding Big Year challenge. Avoiding the exploitation of others in every-day life is now fully in focus.

2013 Top Posts

With a new school at home and less time to spend outdoors, photography and hanging out among the trees becomes our center.

2012 Top Posts

With four children off at school every day and with volunteer duties still at a minimum, Mrs. Dirt gets busy puttering around in the garden and growing food (building soil) with purpose.