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Whether you came here for bugs, dirt, and kids or were looking for dirt bikes with kids on them and a search engine sent you here by mistake, feel free to stay!

Here’s what you can expect:

1.  One article (post) per week quarter is the goal. Busy-ness of life changed the priority of 8 years of blogging in 2020.

2.  Topics are organized by categories and tags to sort specific content. There is a search box (magnifying glass) to sift through the hodge-podge of stuff here one word at a time.

3.  Except when comments are closed specifically, commenting is always welcome on posts, bloggers or not. Comment edits (or deletions) are honored upon request of the owner. As a general rule, comments are replied to within 24 hours in part because it considered rude not to. Want to share something with me in a less public platform? Use the link at the end and I will get an email instead.

5.  If you like what you see, bookmark the blog in your favorite browser and come back whenever you like. If you don’t want to miss future posts, follow the blog to have them delivered to your inbox or RSS Reader as they happen.

6.  There are no social media links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+. Feel free to share anyway.

7. Though they are nice, generating ‘likes’ are not the purpose of this blog. They do, however, let us know which are our most popular posts, so feel free to click that button if it makes you feel good.

8. We fully support the purpose of blog awards and banners with increasing a follower base, but due to time constraints (a/k/a life) we do not participate in them when nominated. However, we appreciate your shout-out more than you know.

9. With few exceptions (and they will be noted), DirtNKids content is all ours. Please share, but do not publish as your own.

10. For you phobia types, nature includes insects, spiders, and snakes. If these things trigger anxiety, DirtNKids may not be the place for you.

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids Blog
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