Still Shots

Canon 60D EOS DSLR — Lenses:  1) Tamron 150mm-600mm Telephoto, 2) Tamron 18mm-300mm Wide Angle Zoom

Olympus E-volt 330 DSLR — Lenses:  1) Olympus 18mm-180mm Wide Angle Zoom, 2) Zuiko 2.0x Macro Converter

Canon PowerShot Pocket — When lugging the camera backpack is not feasible.

Smartphone or Tablet — For quickies when another camera isn’t available, or when I’m too lazy to go get my camera bag.

Tripod — Only for longer exposures (in whole seconds).  I’m a hiker and I prefer mobility to a fixed location, so the camera is usually strapped to my body via a shoulder harness.  I don’t mind the weight, really, and if I cannot shoot a subject with a reasonable speed-to-aperture combo, then I just enjoy with binoculars instead.

Audio Recording

Smartphone — easy to pull from the pocket.

Handheld Video

Sony HDD Handicam Camcorder — It is rare when a video is not from this 2006 camera. Videos are all captured handheld (with few exception) and linked individually through DirtNKids’ YouTube account.

Smartphone — quality lacks for close-up, but again it’s sometimes all I have.

Editing Software

None.  All photos are processed in camera. Mode is ‘manual’ (I set all exposure), auto-focus and manual focus ring for movement adjustments, with image stabilization (IS) on, because the subjects I shoot — kids and birds — rarely sit still for a portrait. WYSIWYG — what you see is what you get.