Feels Like Spring (Video!)

“My heart is like a singing bird.” ~ Christina Rossetti

When a Carolina Wren sings his tea-kettle-tea-kettle song from inside the garage and it’s 60 degrees and sunny outside, this is usually a good sign that the worst of winter is over. Male wrens will build a mock nest to attract a mate for the spring season, and this one — most probably an offspring from a previous nest here — knows our garage is prime real estate, dry and quiet and safe from predators. It’s the perfect spot to raise a family.

At some point, a She-wren will approve of his site location and she will — with his help — build another nest into which to lay eggs somewhere nearby. Like males of other species, his nest is never quite good enough for her taste.

It’s a great show for the whole family, and in just a few months we will watch the new wren family learn and grow right in our yard.

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