Scott the Star

Once during a school year, each of my children gets selected to be the “star” for their class for the week.  This time, it’s Scott’s turn.  Neither he nor I wanted to do the poster — the work part — so his choice was to avoid the pomp-and-circumstance that would come with that in the 2nd grade pod.  He’s never been much on being the center of attention, much happier just showing classmates a few cool things from the yard:  a snake skin, snail shells, pictures of birds.  He’s quite simple, like that.

Tomorrow is his last day to shine, so now it’s Mom’s turn.  Normally, his dad and I would be sharing our thoughts and writing a nice letter that would be read by his teacher to his classmates.  To know Scottie, a poem just seemed more suitable — the combined three came quickly to paper.

Scottie is a nature kid, through and through, thoughtful of every living thing, right down to the lowly spider that must be caught-and-released from inside to out, careful not to hurt it’s delicate body in the process.   “The Anole Whisperer” we call him, he can catch a damselfly with his gentle and kind, patient fingers.   And to Mom’s delight, every day — ritually — he hangs up his backpack, takes off his shoes, puts them in the cubby, empties his lunch kit and (sometimes) gets right to his homework assignment.  What’s not to love, right?

This post is dedicated to my Scottie and to the joy he brings to my life every day.  There are not enough joyful words in the dictionary to describe that little man.

I love him with my whole heart.

* * *

In the backyard is where Scott abides
To find caterpillars who’ll pupate inside
When it comes time to urge
Giant moths just-emerged
To their new home outside — he’s their guy

* * *

Whatever you know about weather
Couldn’t possibly be any better
Than the fun fact and norms
About clouds, winds, or storms,
That Scott knows and shares — to the letter

* * *

Of four siblings who are like one another
Doing homework and helping their mother
Scott’s always on task
Doing his chores unasked
That he earns more cash than the others

12 thoughts on “Scott the Star

  1. Awwwww, what a sweet kid! I hope my son grows up to be just like him. My prayer for my children has always, always been that they will grow to have a good heart.

    Lovely words, mama.


  2. He’s a sweetie! Very special young man. Just got home from an Audubon meeting where I heard a talk given by a forest entomologist. Bet he would have enjoyed it! You too!


  3. Boys his age are more known for torturing spiders than rescuing them – think that alone makes Scott a star more than one week a year.


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