Relaxed and Not So Batty – Part 1

Hey!  We just got back from an awesome, kidless vacation.  I’m sure you hardly noticed our absence.

Each morning for coffee, we were greeted by a river resident while we soaked in the view by the shoreline (above).  He was too busy catching flying bugs to care about me.

Black and Yellow Argiope Spider

What did we do?  Next to nothing, which was fine by us.  The inn had only 14 rooms and allowed no children.  That was all I needed, really.

Aside from being completely unplugged from the world as we know it, the highlight of the 3-day kid hiatus — our first ever since we started having kids ten years ago — was a full day underground at Natural Bridge Caverns and an evening watching the bat flight from Bracken Cave.

All I can say is WOW.

Do I look like I’ve been drinking?  I may or may not have been…

Being without the Kids for a few days wasn’t so bad either.

* * *

Stay tuned for the next post!
Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.

28 thoughts on “Relaxed and Not So Batty – Part 1

  1. I loved that video of the spider. I saw my first of those a couple of years ago, and was completely entranced by its web.

    I’m glad you had such a good time — and a ten degree temperature difference would be reason enough to be wherever you were. I’m sure the kids had a good time, too. Together’s good, but apart’s not so bad, either!


    1. It was a fantastic break for Scott and me; wish I could remember the name of the inn…Gruene Inn perhaps? We went back to New Braunfels a few weeks back and took the kids with us too. They loved Natural Bridge Caverns, but we made no time for the Bracken Bat Flight. Maybe next time.


  2. I will concede that they are fascinating and beautiful creatures, and this is a really beautiful shot. I had no idea spiders made webs like this until I saw this kind of spider.


    1. I should share a video of a rather large orb weaver (size of my index) “bouncing” his web in an attempt to make us back off. That’s a time when I keep my distance!


    1. Yeah, I guess I should be bummed it’s over. But I’m not! The 10-degree change in temp got me moving again.

      Today I built two 4×4 lasagna beds (from debris made by doing other lawn chores) in the first phase of the new-and-improved garden area (sans bermuda grass). Love getting back to the yard. My favorite. 🙂


  3. Love the detail in the shot of your little spotted breakfast buddy … love those funky markings. Sounds like you guys had a great getaway – must be odd to be (temporarily) without Tenacity, Compassion, Creativity and Felicity after getting used to your daily doses. Looking forward to hearing about the bat cave (60’s theme song in my head now – sleep may elude me).


    1. It was extraordinary. Kids also had a great time away from Mom and Dad. We all couldn’t wait to pick up Dad for a family lunch out today! Good to be back together.

      Starting to work on Part 2 now. Hoping to post later.


  4. First I want to say
    Ok, I’m fine now. Really. It’s just a picture of a spider, Darla, get a grip…
    Happy you guys enjoyed some down time! (just how close did you get to that spider??)


    1. Sorry, Darla! I neglected to put my warning up there for you. I hope you didn’t hyperventilate for too long.

      A foot or so. These spideys are harmless, but they are certainly big! I was bummed that we didn’t see one single tarantula (they’re common out there) while at the caves. They have some serious fang-age.


      1. Silly girl. Oh wait, maybe I’M the silly girl. You know…the two of us average out to be a “normal” person when it comes to spiders. LOL


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