Feeding Kids is For the Birds Sometimes (Video!)

“Tell the truth, work hard, and come to dinner on time.” ~ Gerald Ford

Cooked gourmet-style meals these days are hit-or-miss in my household. They take time, energy, and lots and lots of veggie prep (chopping, dicing, mincing).  It’s become the twice-per-week occasion, where the salads, heat-and-eats, and quick-meals take precedent.

This morning, I spent several hours in the kitchen making a batch of almond milk, a batch of soy milk, and a “no cheese” cheesecake with the okara (a/k/a/ pulp waste) from the soy milk, all while helping a 10-yr-old write a paper for class. (Loving my new soy milk maker…not loving the 10-yr-old procrastinator.)

I was done in the kitchen well before lunchtime, but Grandma was coming over and I needed a quickie sautée: Eggplant Caponata is the answer.

Watching the same 10-yr-old pick out all of the olives and complain through the entire meal, I turn to the animal world for comfort. Even for this trying morning, as much as my ears hurt, as frustrated as I can get with cooking and kids, it could be much, much worse for him.

He could be getting his dinner like the Pileated Woodpecker. He’d just as soon starve if he did. Though, on days like these it would be nice just to vomit down his throat and be done with the whole thing.

This video was shot early in the summer in our sanctuary out by the creek.

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How do make it easy for yourself with kids and food?

18 thoughts on “Feeding Kids is For the Birds Sometimes (Video!)

  1. Fantastic video, Shannon; I always feel lucky to be in the presence of the grand pileated, and this activity is really difficult to record. And I erupted with enormous laughter reading your preferred way to feed your children. Terrific post!


    1. Happy Friday, Jet! That was when my oldest was 10, and now my youngest is 10 — and we are repeating the process with picky food habits. She’ll grow out of it soon enough. Thanks for the lovely comment. It’s been pretty ‘quiet’ over here comment-wise. 😀

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  2. Ha! Yeah, at least you don’t have to feed them like that. Great video. They are so vibrant in color, aren’t they? 🙂
    And take heart. I used to pick all the olives….and mushrooms….and tomatoes off of everything. Now I can’t get enough. They’ll come around when they’re older. It’s a shame really, but I guess that’s just how it goes with the growth of the taste buds. Keep cooking! 🙂


    1. Oh my, Jennifer, do you have older kids too? You are going to have your hands full!

      Beautiful creatures, those woodpeckers. I love when they don’t mind my being right next to them, within feet, so I can watch them do their thing – pecking, picking, hopping, from tree to tree. Their call is unmistakable.

      Go figure, tonight I made veggie spaghetti (carrots, bell pepper, onion, mushrooms and tomato sauce) and he didn’t pick out a single ‘shroom. In fact, he went back for seconds.


  3. Oh, I hear you. My 3 year old eats more pb&j (homemade whole wheat bread and low sugar strawberry freezer jam) than most humans, my saving grace is that he loves green smoothies, so I get his greens and nutrients into him that way.


    1. We do smoothies too as “treats.” (Funny what becomes treats when you take ice cream out of the freezer!) We have spirulina, rice, and pea protein in “shake-it” form. It gets added to “treats” on occasion. Tonight, it’s pina coladas – without the rum (for the kids, WITH rum for mom and dad) – using coconut milk, fresh pineapple, fresh lime, ice and rice protein. Delish!


  4. You’re (still) enticing me with that no-cheese cheesecake, though I’ll settle for woodpecker videos. Absolutely stunning birds … those markings are out of this world.

    As for the procrastination, I’m sure your 10 year old will outgrow it. Eventually. Just as soon as he does that other thing. Tomorrow.


    1. It was a delightful cheesecake, but next time, I will modify to make it more of key lime pie. The texture is absolutely custard-like. I love that it’s a sweet treat that’s entirely plant-(and-not-corn)-based!

      Procrastination comes easy for him. His mom is a fine example (I still have yet to finish my Fawn piece, for one!).


  5. Kids and food. Ugh. One only eats healthy food, and chocolate, and the other won’t let a vegetable pass his lips. How I wish there were a pill I could just pop in his mouth and be done with it. Love the woodpeckers. Woodpeckers are cool.


    1. We get several varieties of woodpeckers here, but the pileated is the most entertaining. Their “laughter” rings out through the trees; it’s a sound I’ve come to appreciate much as the owls, whistling ducks, and hawks. Oh…and loud kids.


      1. We only have three varieties in this country, the Green, the Greater Spotted and the Lesser Spotted. The first two hang out in my garden though, much to my delight. The Green laughs and I do love the sound. Have you ever been to Australia? The kookaburra’s laugh is something else. You would love it.


      2. Yes! The kookaburra. I had an Aussie friend who (when slightly inebriated) could do the call perfectly. I didn’t see one while I was in Sydney, though I was hoping.

        Had to google your ‘peckers. We have several variety that resemble the Lesser and Greater Spotted’s. What a pretty bird the Green is! His call too (there’s a YouTube on him).

        Thanks for sharing, Racheal.


  6. Personally, I can’t give you an opinion on your gourmet meals. I am a meat and potatoes sort of guy. But I enjoy the way you paint a picture when you are writing about such things.

    Wow!! Pileated Woodpeckers!! I have never seen one, and it is on my bucket list along with Green Jays. Can you guarantee me a Pileated if we visit? Ha! Ha!

    BTW, I am trying to learn how to use the video mode on my camera. Stay tuned……….. 🙂


    1. I can guarantee you will HEAR one when you’re here. As far as them coming in for a visit (like those two), it’s a waiting game out by the creek. I’m in the habit of bringing my camera bag – I never know what will come along to shoot at!


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