Homemade pie crust. Flowers. Applesauce. Beaches and lighthouses. Sweet potatoes.

There are a lot more things that remind me of Mom. Today, it’s the smell of split pea soup which permeates every nook and cranny of the house as it simmers on my stove. She’s the one that started me adding fresh dill to it. It’s really hard not to think about her.

But she’s gone from us. Last week, my mother-in-law passed unexpectedly missing her birthday by a couple of days. My grieving is done, but this post is for her, a beautiful, selfless and caring life cut short by a condition that we never would have expected from such an active, lovely, healthy and young woman. Within only days of hospitalization, it was all over. It was surreal.

In a somewhat weird coincidence, a “volunteer” popped up in our garden, this time, a flower not a veggie. This one is special — it began showing its yellow the day we were celebrating what would have been her 79th birthday. A sunflower, whose seed was most likely dropped by a squirrel or bird from the bird feeder on our back porch, sprouted. Angie was the first to notice it.

“Look, Mom. It’s Granny!” she called out, “and there’s one for each of us. Sunflowers are her favorite…it must be her!” Surprisingly, there were exactly three more coming up in the same area, which had never happened before.

A sunflower. So fitting for you, Mom.

It’s Me! Granny!

I think I agree with Angie. Can’t you just see the resemblance to her?

Where Angie gets her Smile

Farewell, Mom.  

May you forever walk among the blossoms,
as I will forever enjoy walking them with you.

15 thoughts on “GrannyFlower

  1. So very sorry for your loss – and yes, I totally see the resemblance. Glad to hear her light lives on in the sunflowers, and her smile lives on in Angie … and I’m sure she’ll live on for a very long time in your memories and your children’s memories.


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