18 thoughts on “Shhh…Happy New Year

    1. I miss you Libby. Come back to blogging! The gardening world needs you. No, I need you. Could I entice you with some garden gloves and a bag of compost? Tee hee… 🙂


    1. Oh, we have so loved — needed — the family time. I was between pee-girl and crashed girl before I got up to take the photo. My clothing was spared. Unfortunately, the couch was not.

      Hope you’re having a great vacay as well, Karen. Cheers!


    1. Hey Steve, thanks for taking the time to comment. John was asleep on the floor in a sleeping bag, and the only reason I’m not there is because I got up to take the photo. I love moments like these. We hope to revisit this “pose” again as we wait for spring to come.

      Happy New Year, cousin!


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