This is the Post Where I Show You My Buns

The semi-lazy, outdoor days of fall are fully underway.  Now that we are spending 100% of our time at home during the week — school, work, chores — we take as many breaks as possible to soak in the sun and revel in the cooler fall temps.

The fruit trees from the keyhole garden nursery finally made it into the ground.  It only took me a year-and-a-half to get it done, but our property — already replete with dozens of trees — just acquired three more fruiting variety:  a Satsuma tangerineNavel orange, and a Pomegranate.  This is the beginning of (what I’m hoping will be) an espalier grove.  More hole-digging, first.

Nothing like napping in the hammock (except for the occasional mosquito to whack).

Rock-a-bye Baby

And there’s the weekends.  Who knew that mucking stalls can be therapy?  On Sunday, I got invited to brush down and ride a friend’s horse while the kids stayed back with the man-units.  Mostly we chatted each other up through the stalls, talking about life and getting to know one another, enjoying the lack of interruption for a change.  Mothers with kids at home 24/7 take what they can get.

Filling wheel barrows of horse poop with a good friend might just become a weekly excursion.  Next time, I’ll bring my buckets, because horse manure makes great compost.

Reflections from a 30-yr-old Mare

As part of the PE school curriculum, the kids and I go on regular bike rides around the hood.  Most are only 5-8 miles in length, but once per week we trek out on a 12-mile round trip.  Thankfully, it’s not in the 90’s anymore.

Apparently, the solution to a sore tush is a cold pack duct-taped to the bicycle seat.  So ingenious, I wish I’d thought of it.

Sore Butt
We call her MacGyver

It is rather convenient that Sonic has happy hour cherry limeades and it just happens to be the half-way mark for our long bike ride  Funny how we always make record time on the 1st half of the ride, but it’s a bitch session all.  The way.  Back home.

Sonic Bike Break
Pucker Up

On this particular day, the kids spotted two shocks of white on the edge of a field.  Bunnies.  And man, are they cute.   But what are they doing here?

Can We Keep Em
Can we keep ’em, Mom?
Coaxing Bunnies
Bunny Treats

There was a third bunny too, though he was too far off to reach; only the two were approachable.  To make things worse, we left them all right where they were.  I had to hold fast to my “no pet” policy, even if these were the cutest little guys ever.

A few days later, my friend and her daughter came upon the same two bunnies on a bike ride — only they took them home.  She thought it would be great if we rescued them.  She could keep them temporarily in her chicken coop, but the four dogs in her yard would not mix well with this kind of prey.  It was us or the sanctuary.

There was still that third bunny out there.  We had to find him and reunite the three.

By chance, on the way home, we spied him on the edge of the field, tattered and hungry.  I braved the copperheads and water moccasins in the high reeds and approached him slowly.  I didn’t have a carrot or anything to coax him to me, but thankfully, he didn’t run from me into the brambles.  I might never have found him again.  Holding him down and stroking him gently, I waited for my friend to arrive with the carrier.

Bunny #3 was reunited with his cage mates and after a meal and lots of water, all was right with the world again.  Then they came home.

Bunny Coma
Bunny Coma

“Bunnies!  How perfect for you,” her daughter squealed.  “It completes your whole little vegan family.”

Being that I am the only chick I know with a PETA bunny sticker on her car, I think she may be right.

DirtNKids just grew by three!

Welcome Magicman, Mordecai, and Chaka.

15 thoughts on “This is the Post Where I Show You My Buns

    1. Aw! Thanks for that! It’s nice to have you here. Come back and visit any time, Lisa. (It is Lisa, right?) I’m only just now getting back into the swing of blogging. I have much to share and do, if I only had the time.

      I’ve really been enjoying your blog as well. I feel like I got tapped into a whole new vegan network. I can always use the new recipes.


  1. Gorgeous bunnies and so nice to glimpse your fabulous lifestyle. Keep us informed of the progress of your espaliered grove. I like that idea very much. I have a treasured espaliered row of plum trees. PS Your kids are SO cute! But I guess you know that already 😉


    1. So nice to see my favorite food blogger popping in, Kellie. Yes, they are turning out to be fabulous additions to the family, “house bunnies” in the true sense of the word. They are better house-trained than any puppy or kitty I ever had (with the exception of one cat whom I trained to use the comode….ha!) and have such sweet personalities. The kids love them and are even eager for hutch clean-out.

      Thanks for the kind words. I’ll blog again about the espalier, but most things here come very slowly to fruition; just stay tuned and be patient. School at home has proven to be great over all, but many things (like blogging) has ground to a halt. Mine is probably the best blog to follow through email as I can pretty much guarantee not to “flood” an inbox with too many posts. I can barely keep up with the one-per-week. Cheers!


    1. It was worth going back to find the third. There was another person who spied a fourth, but we never could find it. They do belong together and snuggle regularly.

      YES! Bunny fertilizer. It’s the best, especially since all I have to do is carry it out (they potty in a litter box) and dump it into the garden. Can’t do THAT with dog poo.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ah man, if you could find the 4th then each kid could have their own! Yes, dog poo is def. not as fun. That’s awesome they have their own litter box.


  2. I LOVE it! I can’t wait for the bunny updates. And the picture of them all sleeping together melted my heart! And I know I still need to call you to catch up.


    1. Nice to see you here, Maria. If it was a dog or cat, it probably would have been a resounding NO. These guys are really too sweet for words, they are quiet, ultra clean, and they eat what we eat, in addition to the hay. Their waste is biodegradable. I can’t imagine why someone would dump them at all.

      Yes, we do need to catch up. Call anytime!


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