Whiskers and Noses

Rabbits are turning out to be the best housemates.  They are quiet, clean (they use a litter box), and as long as we keep them in hay and leafy greens — not to mention the occasional apple or carrot chunks — they are good to go.

They even come when I call them. (My kids don’t even do that, treats or no.)

One of the bucks (Mordecai, the last rescue) has quickly turned into a lap bun.  While he enjoys all-over body rubs, the other two entertain us with “rainbow explosions” or head-humping (I thought only dogs did this).  It’s fun watching them jump straight up into the air and twist and turn before darting off to some corner of the room, taunting one another into a game of tag.

As the threesome settles into bunny comas near or inside their hutch (a/k/a/ bunny condo) following a meal of endive, parsley, and romaine greens, they cooperate each in his own way with an invasive photographer (me).

Mordecai is my fav.  He lets me get real close.


Magicman just ignores all the hubbub and slumbers away.


But Chaka, he’s the wary one.  He doesn’t let me get too close and his eyes (a lavender/red color) stay wide open for the entire photo session.  Perhaps with some regularity, he’ll warm up to the idea of a black thing in his face.


As Mordecai chill-axes, one ear pricks forward as I talk to him softly.  Ginny says they are very much like little horses, only you can’t ride them.  They eat hay, graze greens when they can, poop where they stand…yep.  Little horses.

Nite-y Nite.

15 thoughts on “Whiskers and Noses

  1. Oh – do NOT let my daughter see this! She would love a house rabbit. I have been put off by horror stories of fried bunnies who chewed cables. That would be too sad. They are beyond gorgeous.


    1. I have to be careful when I’m walking sometimes. They tend to quietly congregate around my feet and if I don’t know they’re there, they will trip me. I’m getting used to their stealthiness. I knew you would enjoy this, Christy. Thanks for coming by (again). 😀

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    1. They are always together. My husband calls them the Thundering Herd, though they are so quiet, they are more likely to sneak up and trip you if you aren’t watching. Thanks for coming by!

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    1. They are super fun, I can’t wait to do a GIF on one of them eating parsley from stem to crown. Two words come to mind when I watch: wood chipper. I wonder if I can over-dub the chipping sound…


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