Mish Mash Monday – March 2

“The skin of the earth is the most important of the minerals.” ~ Wangari Maathai

My Pick:  Dirty, dirty, dirty.

I think a lot about making my own video on how to build compost and garden beds (using the compost/lasagna method), but who has the time? Your little piece of earth (the area of soil closest to you) can provide so much for you if you just take a little care to urge it along. Layering organic waste — waste comes in many styles, shapes and sizes — to build beds up, right where you want them to be. There is absolutely no need for you to break your back, empty your wallet at the local garden store, or be an expert of any kind. Plants just know what to do once they find a home in which to thrive.

Brown + Green + Air + Water + Microbes = Healthy Earth

Kid Pick:  Fun With A Purpose.

Alex Chacón in Central America takes selfies to a whole ‘nuther level: Selfie + Drone = Dronie. Go on a virtual tour of Veracruz via a man and his drone, for just three minutes of your time. Turn on your sound, and get ready to fly!

Sure Beats ‘American’ or ‘Caucasian’ or ‘White Chick.’


 Photo courtesy of Vegans With Voices

Giveaway! For My Most Faithful Followers.

DirtifiedIf you are reading this message ‘deep’ into one my my non-garden, non-vegan, non-birding posts, I consider you a most faithful follower. I’d like to reward you with my first ever giveaway — a free copy of Dirt! The Movie DVD. This award-winning documentary will open your eyes to our relationship with soil. Learn how it is you can be a better steward to the earth, and find out what makes me tick (‘Dirt’ comes before ‘Kids’ in my book).

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • ‘Like’ this post
  • Also ‘Comment’ saying that you’d like to be considered, and anything else that’s on your mind!
  • Be a US Postal service customer (a/k/a/ have a stateside address)
  • Be okay if there are more than just you for me to consider; my kids will draw the winner
  • Allow me to email you directly (via the Comment email) to firm up delivery details
  • Tune in next Mish Mash Monday to see if you won!
  • Don’t wait! Commenting will be closed next Sunday at noon when the contest ends.

Good luck!  And thank you for your contributions to DirtNKids.

 What I Hope To Look Like In A Few Years, A Haiku.

white hair in the breeze
my twigs as wings gaining lift
flying as the clouds

Photo courtesy of Portraits of Wildflowers

Oh my gawsh! Is it really March already?

23 thoughts on “Mish Mash Monday – March 2

    1. I might have to make an exception for you, NovaScotia. My thinking was to my UK and other worldly followers who would require a different video format. You’re in the hat!

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  1. I enjoyed your post today, Shannon! I live in a forest and instead of gardening I do trail work on my property. I have learned that the critters where I live eat everything I plant. I do appreciate your wonderful offer, but am not inclined to go for it. Very kind offer and the winner will be a lucky one…. 😀


  2. Love your haiku, although mine would have to include a line about keeping “a head perennially as yellow as a daffodil.”

    Count me in for the give-away, and thanks! I need to be inspired to get going on composting.


    1. Hey Peg! My sweet Daffodil. 😀 You took the bait. Yes, that composting video embedded in this post is a good one. I’m already up to my crazy habit of stealing bags and bags of leaves (I’m up to over 25 now, still going) off of neighbors’ curbs.

      You’re in the hat. I hope you win! It’s an awesome movie. Entertaining, educational, and just…fun.


  3. Hey, good luck with your promo! I’m composting my behind off (a lot harder when it’s only 12F but I keep trying with kitchen waste. Just waiting for Spring at this point to reap the first year’s benefits of “Black Gold”. Garden is expanding this year.


    1. Yay! I’d like to think that one particular cousin had some kind of effect on you. So happy to hear of your expanding garden. I’ll be sure to put your name in the hat, Steve. 😀

      PS – I still don’t know what that ‘mystery flower’ is. You know, the one that looks like a mock orange, smells and flowers like a honeysuckle, and looks pretty ratty 11 months out of 12?


    1. Clematis, judging from Steve’s post. He’s way more of an expert on flowers than I am. It is madness. Almost a quarter of the year is already behind us. :\

      On the upside, let the Spring Marathon begin!

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      1. I did! Can hardly wait. I’ll push a little harder through the week to get all four copies out into the world. Thank you so much for your support, Elizabeth. 😀


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