Oh, How I Missed the Frogs (Sound)!

They’re back! Listening to this at night from the inside with the windows open is just the best for sweet dreams. These little buddies are so loud, they drown out the automobile noises that continue throughout the night on the nearby parkway.

13 thoughts on “Oh, How I Missed the Frogs (Sound)!

    1. ‘Rental in Vancouver Island’ sounds magical all in itself. Are you staying there temporarily?

      I just captured a new recording of the frogs from this past week that I hope to post soon. (The one you heard were green tree frogs, gulf coast toads, and cricket frogs of early spring.) We had a lot of rain this week, and the gray tree frogs are going at it. They are a nightly cacophony.

      Aside from the barred owls, they may be my favorite night sounds!


    1. There was a year or more where we didn’t hear the frogs as much. No idea why. But they are back now with a vengeance! Sorry I’m just now seeing your comment, Sonya. I hope you’re enjoying your spring.


    1. Glad you enjoyed. Probably still a bit cold there for froggies.

      My favorites are the big fat gulf coast toads who are still hibernating; I awoke a couple in my wood chip pile yesterday, but tucked hem back in. I’ve been busy getting the garden site prepped for (tee hee!) peppers and maters and cukes. Oh my!


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