Happiness With A House Finch (Sound!)

“The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.” ~ Richard Bach

This is my first encounter with House Finches on the back porch. They don’t usually let me get close enough for photos, and I almost always am relegated to inside the kitchen with field lenses to view these beauties. They are very skittish and fly off with the slightest detected movement forward; for once, they stayed.

It is very difficult not to smile and just be happy enjoying these beautiful birds up close. I hope you feel the same.

House Finch

House Finch Posse Raid the Feeder

House Finch and White-winged Dove

He’s got his melon stuck!! Okay, turn, and pull…
House Finch with White-winged Dove
(a/k/a/ Fat-*ss)

House Finch

Okay, Lady, that’s close enough. One more step and I bolt.

Live in the moment!

17 thoughts on “Happiness With A House Finch (Sound!)

  1. Awwww looks like the rose finch we have here. Where do they get off swallowing the sun whenever it blushes. Somewhere near the rainbow I suppose. Thank you for an enormous dose of happiness!


    1. ‘Swallowing the sun’ indeed! We have had nothing but rain, but these beautiful fellas leave me with a nice sun tan. Thanks for coming by, Christy, with your lovely comments. Sorry for the super-late reply!


    1. Thanks, Roz, I rather like this feeder. It hangs from the ceiling of our back porch, keeping the mammal variety at bay. All the squirrels can do is sift through the chaff below it. Of course, we get the occasional ‘too big’ bird, which cracks us up.

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    1. Normally we have American Goldfinches, but this year they didn’t show up for some strange reason. But the House Finches certainly filled the void. So glad they brought a smile for you, NovaScotiaRoots.

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