Dramatic Skies And A Roosting Tree

Rain Again. Finally.

There is something very calming about a sky after a rain storm. After weeks of doing rain dances and wishing for something, anything, to water our thirsty trees, we finally got some following several weeks of flash-drought (that’s what they’re calling it now).

Cropped out was football practice for many
and middle school below the levee.

Just aaaaaahhhhh.

The purpose of my outing was not this beautiful sky, though it was certainly nice to be out under it. I had other photographic intentions.

The Roosting Tree

I have been itching for a decent photographic position of a particular tree down the street from us. For years, we have watched daily as birds fly in to it and roost for the night. I even posted about it earlier this year — there’s a nice sound byte with it.

This very small ‘junk tree’ gets inundated with large water birds every night, weighted down to very nearly its breaking point. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, and I feel privileged to get to enjoy it all from within my subdivision’s boundaries. What amazes me most is that many of my neighbors don’t seem to know anything of it, oblivious to this regular natural event.

So tonight, the roosting tree exists just for me to enjoy. For this night, I’m happy that most people are tuning out nature and tuning instead to their smartphones and TV’s, spending their evenings with football and soccer. I get the fields, the birds, and the views all to myself.

A few nights ago, Angie and I tried on bikes to see if we could get a decent camera angle, without getting killed by traffic.

Roosting Tree

Nope. Not gonna cut it.

Roosting Tree

Okay, that’s a better position, but there’s not enough lighting from the west.

This is proving to be a real photographic challenge if ever there was one, not only with the low evening lighting but the vantage point — the best one is at the busiest intersection in our area. Hm.

So I braved the commuters, left the kids at home, and got out on foot to try some different angles. I had to park in several locations and use ditches, fire hydrants — whatever happened to be there — to be able to crop out the wires and traffic and new construction.

Great Egret

Great Egret
Jockeying for position

White Ibis Flyover

White Ibis squadron

Great Egret and White Ibis

Regal Top Dog
Ain’t nobody taking this spot!

Great Egret and White Ibis

Getting full…

As I was rolling out to head back home, I shot this photo from the intersection, which is really the perfect location for framing out the construction, electrical wires, and automobile traffic. Thank goodness I had the long lens in my lap ready to go. Some guy was honking at me…

Roosting Tree

Settled in for the night.
Taken in the van, at the intersection…
someone honking at me to go, already!

White Ibis

White Ibis against bright sky
(Love their blue eyes!)

It was all so very worth the ‘trouble’ I was put through.

Photographers: Have you ever had a challenge
that you just couldn’t step away from?

17 thoughts on “Dramatic Skies And A Roosting Tree

    1. It is an amazing anomaly to which so many are oblivious. The roost burst at dawn is pretty awesome too…it was how I was able to count more than a thousand birds!


    1. Not yet. What keeps me from shooting video is the background noise. That tree stands near one of the busiest intersections in my neck of the woods! Serious road noise.


    1. Thank you for coming by to say so! The ibis and herons and whistling ducks are regulars. We get to watch them fly by all the time, just hard to shoot ’em.


  1. I don’t want to take credit or anything but I ve been doing the rain dance for y’all. Agreed, Mr Bean-ish but still the intent was there, I swear!

    Just startlingly beautiful Ibis photo against the sky, perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I almost didn’t include him with the bright over-exposure, but it kinda grew on me. We had quite the downpour yesterday…on a bike ride with the girls no less. I love getting caught out in the rain!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jocelyn! We live in a great area for wildlife. Too bad more people don’t realize it; we are taking down habitat at an alarming pace for homes and businesses. I have to enjoy them while it lasts.


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