We Survived Four Days Without The Internet

What’s the scariest thing you can think of for Halloween? Is it a chainsaw toting or knife wielding sociopath? Perhaps it’s the vampires or werewolves? Or maybe you are a little cautious about Pixie sticks coming into your children’s candy buckets?

Whatever your Halloween spook, living without the Internet probably ranks right up there among the most unnerving frights. Many people simply have no idea how to live without it. When a 15-yr old coaxial cable decided to fail unexpectedly, our household was suddenly thrust back in time 20 years when life was decidedly less ‘connected.’ If you ask the kids, who really have never known life without the World Wide Web, it was a worse than giving up cheese.

It certainly wasn’t an easy feat for anyone, save maybe Dad who connects at work. For starters, there was zero blogging for Mom. Reading posts from a small phone screen sucks, so none of that. Answering emails would also have to be put off (I don’t type with thumbs very well), and paying bills and reconciling accounts are more easily done electronically (they can wait, too). Off limits to the kids were binge watching episodes of Family Guy and scratching an immediate gratification itch with a DuckDuckGo search about their favorite YouTubers.

How did we live without the Internet for so long?

It wasn’t so bad. We emerged on the other side — a significantly more sunny one at that — perhaps a little wiser, more flexible to change, and a lot closer knit as a group.

We should do this more often.

Things We Scared Up, Unplugged For A Weekend

1. Read books

2. Played in the garden in anticipation of several days of storms

Let the Leaf Hoarding Begin

Pumpkin Seeds Growing

Milkweed Flowering

Front Bed Annuals Still Kicking

3. Carved pumpkins for Halloween. Yay!

4. Watched it rain

5. Snuggled on the couch

6. Played the Wii (Dad is still the 100-pin bowling champion)

7. Cleaned out the office file cabinet (waaaay too much paper)

8. Roasted pumpkin seeds

Coconut Oil and Pumpkin Pie Spiced

9. Watched scary movies and ate five bags of [vegan] candy (glad that’s all over)

10. Watch it rain some more

11. Splashed around in the storm water

12. Dined out at a favorite vegan restaurant in Houston

13. Snuggled in bed

14. Took turns giving massages

15. Built puzzles

16. Admired the artists’ handiwork

A First — 100% Kid-designed, Kid-carved Pumpkins

Life is so much better unplugged!

So…tell me. Are you addicted to the Internet?

24 thoughts on “We Survived Four Days Without The Internet

  1. Hi Shannon,
    I’m so glad you reposted this, I hadn’t seen it before! Glad you made it through the Halloween horror of no internet. 🙂 Looks like you weren’t short of activities. My two favorite photos are the ones of your kids (so happy!) carving the pumpkins, and the one after it of the view down your walkway. So peaceful. You’ve done a great job in capturing the emotions of your days!


    1. Oh my gosh! A blogger ‘back from the dead!’ So very good to see you here, Melissa. I think I enjoyed last year’s Halloween weekend better than this — it was a traditional dress-up kid-pack-gone-trick-or-treating CANDY fest. They say they make it last through Thanksgiving…we’ll see about that. ;D

      I also enjoy re-reading old posts. As mine are usually hastily written, they still do the job in taking me right back to that moment in time. Perhaps the blog-journal is the best part.

      Welcome back. Going to check out your blog now.


    1. Our classroom requires Internet, so we are always on it seems. But I too live the ‘off’ vacations. And face time (and not FaceTime) is preferred for all loved ones.


  2. I too am not even on social media, besides blogging. If I didn’t have internet, then I’d be outside doin’ my gardening.


  3. Yep, it’s fair cop. But then my business is at home so losing the internet connection here would become a serious problem fairly fast. My favourite places when we go on holiday are the ones where there’s no signal. Love those. Best family holidays happen there every time. I suppose I might even have been tempted from time to time to choose our holidays with this in mind. (Shhh.)

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    1. We unplug for our vacations. It’s great to be somewhere where no one can reach us (especially Dad’s bosses)! We are working into our week one ‘Internet free’ school day, that way we won’t be caught off-guard again. Nice to see you here, Rachael. 😀


  4. I like to think I’m not, but yeah, I have a bit of an addition. I’ve been kicking around the idea of quitting Facebook for a month or two, but that’s where all the bird sightings are now 😦 Congrats to the family on finding fun ways to keep entertained – we don’t need the internet to be happy, no matter what we all think.

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    1. Quitting Facecrack was the easy part, Matthew! Giving up cable/satellite was not so fun (we gave up both simultaneously). Once we settled into streaming video (commercial free!) instead, the kids were converts. Now, when we turn on the ‘rabbit ears,’ we quickly turn it off for all the advert blabbing. Gawd…I don’t know how people can listen to it.

      But the always-on Internet connection is the reason the kids don’t have to go off to a brick-and-mortar school anymore. Broadband has allowed the flexibility to, say, go birding on a cool, cloudless mornings with Mom (like today!) instead of climbing on a bus to hell for the day. They get their work done more efficiently and with better grades as well.

      There are more ways to be entertained than what the Internet or TV feeds to us, we are finding. Keep your addiction in check, Matthew. 😀


    1. We have learned to stream content to the TV’s using the laptop (PBS is a favorite for programming) and, of course, there’s Netflix. We haven’t had cable or satellite for 3 years now, just ‘rabbit ears’ for local HD stations. Don’t miss the commercials!

      We dug into the old DVD collection for some favs. Kids saw ‘Sixth Sense’ for the first time. Jump scares are FUN!

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  5. What’s the vegan restaurant in Houston? When we were in Albuquerque 13 months ago, we were surprised to find three vegan restaurants along one stretch of the main street. We ended up eating at two of them.


    1. We love going to Green in Houston. We discovered them in in San Antonio, which is where they originally opened I think. Great stuff, even for the non-vegan, and their cupcakes are the best! To be sure, we are living in the wrong city to not be reliant on animals for food, Steve. We mostly eat at home and pack out when we go hiking/traveling.


  6. BAHAHAHAHA! This is TOO funny! I got into a fight with our internet provider and cancelled my service all together for 4 MONTHS!!! Granted, I don’t have kids but it was still pretty tough! I read a lot 😉

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    1. Four months?! Even when we were on dial-up, I wouldn’t go without for more than a week or two and that was back in the 90’s! Hopelessly connected, methinks; ‘m betting that the Internet service providers know this. I don’t know about you but $2 per day for convenience seems a bit much. Thanks for coming by!

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  7. Definitely addicted! And I don’t even do Facebook or play Temple Run or anything! But I read the news online every day, and I obsessively peruse blogs. I know I could go without if I had to, though. After all, I still have books. Remember those?

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    1. I’m like you, I still like the feel of pages in a book. But I also like the convenience of carrying several books in a single device, carried in my purse. Can’t do that with paper, unless you carry a backpack.

      I too am a blog user, mostly for tasty vegan recipes. It’s a whole new world out there ready to be explored!


  8. I’d have to say we are addicted to the Internet, unfortunately. Oh sure, we can go for an afternoon, even a full day without it when we have planned activities. But even then, we’re all peeking at our cell phones to check text messages, email or the latest news/sports.

    Congrats on making it four days — with everyone still talking to each other!

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    1. There are just so many great ways to use the pocket-computer, aren’t there? I find it a huge distraction from *ahem* other pressing things. It’s always, ‘Just a little peek’ll do,’ you know, to get that dopamine hit. LOL It’s no wonder so many feel lost without it. I prefer the planned outages, say, when on vacation; however, I’m not a fan of the forced ones.

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