Keyhole – Week 2

We finally got some cooler temps! At night it’s dipping into the 40’s, but in the day we are enjoying Indian Summers in the winter — 70 to 75 degrees.

Ain’t complaining.

As for the lettuce, we are already picking off outer leaves to push into our faces as we wait for the heads to mature and become more dense. There’s been one good storm with a few inches of rain, but other than that, this garden has been fed with dish water and kitchen scraps.

Keyhole - Full of Lettuce!

My shining star!
And no bugs or bunny munchers.

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6 thoughts on “Keyhole – Week 2

      1. We used tyres for one, though it isn’t in a garden. The other was just one line of brick as the farm used the rest of the pile as hard core. They both hold soil but don’t look as good as yours. I will stay tuned. 😉


      2. The supplies aren’t as crucial, but the shape and size is! I prefer not to ‘go buy’ things I need but rather acquire them instead.

        Go to a former post to watch a short video from the expert, Dr. Deb, on why the keyhole is built like it is. It’s all about moisture retention, fungi and microbe promotion, and ease of planting/harvesting. Hope you give it a try!

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