Gray Tree Frog: Invisible Noise Makers (Sound!)

The Gray Tree Frogs are back in business now that spring has sprung. At night, they work tirelessly in search of a mate, singing non-stop it would seem. During the day, they disappear.

We sleep with the windows open this time of year just to have the frog-symphony in our ears as we go to sleep at night. Never mind that turning off the air units and running ceiling fans or piling blankets instead has saved us hundreds of dollars since December.

Frog-song is certainly unmistakable to the ear. But during the day, they aren’t so easy to find. Where Green Tree Frogs will tuck themselves in for the day on the underside of leaves within bushes or behind gutter spouts, Gray Tree Frogs are adapted to blend in to bark and woody plants instead. They seem to do that job quite nicely.

Hidden Gray Tree Frog

Can You See Me?

Gray Tree Frog - Here I Am!

Here I Am!

[Can’t hear anything? This is a Soundcloud audio embed. Try opening the post in your favorite browser to listen.]

Good night. Sleep tight.
The frogs will sing ’til it’s light.

8 thoughts on “Gray Tree Frog: Invisible Noise Makers (Sound!)

  1. Hey Shannon, that little fella looks so adorable, but you know what? I’m absolutely terrified of frogs! In the past two years I have seen 2 frogs and have been left shaking with fear. I have no idea where this irrational fear comes from but it’s pretty insane lol! Great post by the way 😊😊


    1. If I were you, I would endeavor to find out WHERE that fear came from and eradicate it! Perhaps something from your past, cemented in your subconscious. Frogs are the most wonderful creatures, incredible insect control, and better than any sound app for putting you to sleep at night. All this free of charge. Thanks for coming by!

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  2. I really enjoyed seeing your gray tree frog, Shannon. We, too, are enjoying a cacophony of singing, from our chorus frogs, at night. It is a glorious time of year.


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