Minimally Digital, A (Wet) April Outdoors

“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.” ~ Langston Hughes

Mulch-mowing 33 Bags of Leaves

Leaf-hoarding. Still at it.
(That’s 35 bags’ worth, in case you were curious.)

First Alligator of the Year in the Creek

Well, hello, Little Fella!
First creek gator sighting of the year

Brazos Bend Birding

Guess who’s a teenager now?
(Hint: It’s not the bald guy)

Scott Releases Warbler

Future ornithologist?
Releasing a Common Yellowthroat after banding

Cooper's Hawk

This Cooper’s Hawk crashed the Warbler party
and everyone went home.

Birding the Drainage Ditches

The drainage ditch near home is a favorite
for daily bird walks.

Monarch Chrysalis

Our first Monarch Butterfly emerges indoors!
(Not shown, the dozens of caterpillars who died
because we ran out of milkweed.)


Always wanted a close-up of Anhinga

Brazos River Swells...Again

Too much rain has had the Brazos River
out of its banks. So much for this hike…


A full creek after a foot of rainfall

Texas Rain Gauge

Texas ‘Rain Gauge’
All that sky water fell in the course of a morning!

Don’t worry, peeps. We are high and dry.

Bird count: 191 Species

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