Mish Mash Monday – May 2

After a year-long absence, Mish Mash Monday is back! I have to have some place to store all the great things I’ve discovered, rather than ‘working them into’ a regular post. As there is usually other media embedded, MMM will require a click away to the blog. Sorry, email readers.

As a general rule they will stick to DirtNKids’ regular Categories and Tags, including Gardening, Birding, Nature, and (naturally) Veganism. Whatever it is, connecting with our planet and a better future in it is important to us. Perhaps it is for you as well. Enjoy!

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids Blog

The Beauty of Becoming

“I’m interested in stories that live in the marrow, that reveal something about the messy magic of life.” ~ Shiela @ Spirit Meets Bone

This previously Freshly Pressed piece, The Beauty of Becoming,  needed a re-read as we have been watching the Monarch Butterfly re-populate our backyard naturally. Thank you, Sheila, for finding the most exquisite words to describe the wonder of nature that many of us cannot.


A World Without Birdsong

“We’re changing the environment faster than birds can cope with.” ~ The Messenger

Because we are so in love with the migratory birds of spring, we are hoping that the world may finally wake up so these nuggets of joy don’t disappear from us for good.

Please watch the trailer and…do what you can.

‘The Messenger’ — 3-min Trailer
Look for a showing in your area!

Are you wondering (as I did) how it was they could super-slow-mo birds in the dark? You won’t want to miss the behind the scenes video at YouTube for equipment and techniques by the crew that will blow your mind.

V is For Vegan

An A-B-C book for a new generation who will change the world, because they learned to love deeply, think critically, and act responsibly.” ~ Ruby Roth, V is For Vegan

‘V is for Vegan’
Care of: Violet’s Vegnecomics Blog

On Friday’s Diane Rehm Show, Wayne Pacelle — president of the Humane Society — spoke frankly about protecting animals and taking our own moral intention to the next level. Much has been done already, but there is a growing sentiment to do more than just Meatless Mondays (though that is a good start!).


4/28/2016 The Humane Economy
Click to be taken to listen (or read) the show
at DianeRehmShow.org

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