Once In a Strawberry Moon (Sound!)

[Can’t hear anything? This is a Soundcloud audio embed. Try opening the post in your favorite desktop browser to listen … and turn up the speakers!]

The last full moon on Summer Solstice happened 49 years ago in the June of my birth year, 1967. It’s a more rare event than the blue moon — a second full moon within a single month. That strikes me as just fabulous!

The recording is frog chorus from several species around our back porch the guard changes from Spring to Summer. Can you name them by their trills and croaks?

2 thoughts on “Once In a Strawberry Moon (Sound!)

  1. I love full moons.. and the red moons we had last year. The sound of frogs and crickets and especially cicada are so relaxing to me and bring back beautiful memories.
    I always come to your page because there are sweet surprises that do not come through in the emails. Rock on Shannon!~


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