15 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. I tracked down the original of that quotation, which turns out to be from Les misérables: “Le rire, c’est le soleil ; il chasse l’hiver du visage humain.”

    We haven’t had to do much chasing away of winter this season, have we?

    Happy almost 2018.


    1. I can always count on you to take one of my posts to another level, Steve. I appreciate the origin, but love the quote no matter the language. Indeed our winter has been quite enjoyable! Thus far …


      1. The weather forecast two days ago made me think I might get a shot at frostweed ice on Christmas morning but the outside thermometer here when I got up yesterday showed 38°. I figured that was too warm, so I didn’t trek out to make sure.


  2. What a beautiful holiday message, Shannon, thank you. I did not know the northern cardinal range includes Houston–lucky you–so I learned something here today, too. I send you and your family holiday greetings, and warm wishes for a new year filled with love and health and loads of beautiful images.

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    1. Cheers to you too, Jet. There are a handful of bloggers I miss most when ‘off-line,’ so your comment in particular brings joy to my day. I do hope yours is less fraught with stress as it has been this autumn. I think of you and Athena often.

      The cardinal appears to have been unable to traverse the Rockies to your side, but we enjoy them as year round yard residents. The female is no less stunning. Lucky us indeed!

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    1. I somehow missed your comment last year, Courtney. However, I would like to express my gratitude for your contributions to the blog this year. I have always enjoyed your candor and conversation. Happy New Year!

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    1. Hi Donna, cardinals grace our lives every day here in Houston. This shot was actually an accident. I shoot all birds in manual mode, and he got slightly over-exposed as he jumped up into a sunny spot to get better forage. ‘Lighten up’ is my favorite mantra for birdie faces — he did it for me. Thanks for coming by!

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