Getting Kids Excited About Dirt


This month, our school district is introducing a new vegetable: turnips. It could not come at a better time; 3rd and 4th grades are already learning about healthy soil and the plants that need healthy soil to feed us.


My soil presentation this morning at school was a super-success! Children are all geared up to collect recyclable ‘green’ waste in the form of cafeteria waste today to begin building ten school lasagna gardens (with my help, of course).

The neighborhood grocery, Kroger, was kind enough to let me load up flattened corrugated boxes at the last minute to assist in the exercise. We already have the leaves and seeds, and together with exuberant kid power, we can start planting radish, carrot, and pea seeds by the end of the school day today.

Soil Types: Current (center), Clay (bottom right), 1 Month ‘Cooked’ (top left), 1 Week ‘Cooked’ (top right), and Rich Soil (bottom left…GOAL!)




Stay tuned! This post is a quickie using the iPhone and WP app as I have no office time. More will come as time allows.

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