School Gardens: Update, Planting Seeds

After a week of seriously inclement weather — and a much needed break to catch up on ‘life’ — I’m back to near daily runs to the elementary school .

To solve the problem of the (what feels like) daily miles run around the campus between collection of food waste in the cafeteria to the front west of the school and the building of gardens to the back east, with major construction in between preventing any quick access between the two, the bike has become my constant companion.

Enthusiasm of children is my fuel! They greet me with hugs and kind words and my daughter, a 5th grader, feels like a rock star with her now famous Mama blending with the teachers and staff. Yesterday, two beds were planted with seeds using a square foot grid on the top soil. Children did the ‘squares math’ — 1, 4, 9, or 16 seeds per square — depending upon the plant’s requirements.

“Nature loves layers.” I hear this mantra in the garden and the cafeteria. These kids are smart. “Seeds, they just know what to do!” they tell me, matter-of-factly.

I’ll say. This came from one of the black plastic bags full of leaves taken from some neighbors curb trash, that’s been sitting in wait for weeks now.

Pecan Tree Wannabe
Didn’t need sun or soil!

Out of Place Apple Blossom
Sometimes, plants grow because we ‘make’ them.

Three down, seven to go…

Stay tuned! This is an on-going project.

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