We’re Not Sure What Has Happened

Prose for the humans
From the not-humans

(Written by Shannon)

We’re not sure what has happened
We’re trying to figure out
Why you think that you’re the ones
That life is all about

We run across your roadways
To get to there from here
We have no other options
As our trails have all been cleared

The importance of our world
As a more natural place to be
Is replaced by roads and churches
You give priority

You used to show us reverence
As your very lives we’d make
You choose to shut your eyes and ears —
You now exalt the ‘steak’

Our babies, they’re as precious
Just as yours are bound to you
You feel you have to take them from us
The cruelest thing to do

In the past we coexisted
Sharing water, land, and air
But as you keep these for yourself
Show how little that you care

The factories you’ve created
Are profligate with waste
So you can freeze the cream you steal
To satisfy your ‘taste’

This urban place is all that’s left
For our species to advance
With guns and gear that quell your fear
Our lives don’t stand a chance


Our babies need protection
Now that the woods are gone
Your yard becomes the nursery
And our friends all come along

We eat your precious roses
Which makes you pretty mad
As there’s little other food to eat
We’re really rather glad

We fly the greatest distances
As seasons are to turn
But without the space to breed or eat
It’s now tougher to return

So why it is you hate us
What is it that we’ve done
To cause your faith to dominate
Like you’re the only one

It’s true we have no voices
Cannot communicate
We hope you’ll put our needs on note
Instead of on your plate

If you really value
What the humans can fulfill
You might consider what you’re doing
…Or Mother Nature will

8 thoughts on “We’re Not Sure What Has Happened

  1. Shannon, a lovely tribute to the number of road-kill I mourn each week, laid dead by drivers too rushed to slow-down and care.


    1. I agree that people don’t ‘hate’ wildlife, but we certainly don’t ‘love’ them either. We put us first, as any other species might do with limited resources, pure and simple. But with that caveat comes destruction for others. We just can’t help it.


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