Northern Parula: Screaming To Be Heard (Sound!)

[Can’t Hear Anything?: Try opening the post in your favorite browser. And turn up the speakers.]

It’s spring at Brazos Bend State Park. The Northern Parula has arrived for the summer season and is competing with the White-eyed Vireo and Northern Cardinal for prime real estate in the only way he knows how — singing his heart out.

From the tippy-top of the mossy oak canopy, Parula’s song is the upward trill between the quirky Vireo quips and twerps and the Cardinal’s birdie-birdie-birdie calls.

It’s a break neck joy for all birders, more so for one with a 5-lb. camera on her face.

We are at a whopping 197 species stepping into
the spring migration month!

8 thoughts on “Northern Parula: Screaming To Be Heard (Sound!)

    1. Ever since I started carrying a pocket computer, it was predominately a field tool for birds and nature. It replaced dozens of field guides and spirals (for note-taking and lists) and became a recorder for ID’ing singers later on at home (with beer in hand). I use it to upload lists to Cornell’s eBird Database and carry my whole on-line bird photo collection…THOUSANDS of photos and videos at my fingertips. Don’t know what I’d do without it.

      Yes! I recorded this with my phone, as I have all the SoundCloud clips; you may not know about that media channel. Check it out sometime…lots of lovely nature there. Up top menu, ‘Media.’

      Funny, Peg…sometimes, I’ll even use it as a phone. Rarely though.


    1. Oh, and our April will be well-planned! Such a short window to see so many beautiful birds, it’s either yard work or eyes to the skies these next few weeks. I’m afraid the CO posts will have to wait a bit longer.

      PS – two words: plane ticket. These guys are too fun to enjoy via someone else’s posts and pictures. 😉

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      1. Having 5 years of blog posts helps keep things fresh in the reader! Particularly when I’m writing very little this busy time of the year. Glad you’re coming back. I promise — new material is forthcoming! Going to read your newest post now. Cheers, Tanja.

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