Incredible Hulk

As a follow-on to last month’s Parsley Worm Infestation, we get to watch as one does his last molt right before our eyes in preparation for his big change into adulthood. We kept a couple in close proximity so that Mom could (finally) photo-capture a Black Swallowtail butterfly for the album.

Scott says he’s a super-hero gone mad.

Busting Out
These clothes are too tight!

Last Molt to Chrysalis
Grrr!! Fear me! I am The Incredible Hulk!
(Just kidding. At this point, I’m just a ‘softie.’)

And only two weeks later …

Black Swallowtail

11 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk

  1. Absolutely incredible, Shannon. It is so very rare to actually get to see this moment of transformation occurring, and then to capture it on film is astounding. ta-da!!


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