Happy Independence Day (The Vegan Way)

Capitol Reef National Park

“If we can live healthy, happy, productive lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?” ~ Jenny Brown

While I am still working on several long-ish posts to deliver to your inboxes soon, we are still in full-on summer mode here, visiting friends and family and spending a whole lot of time outside in the time in between. Today, the entire DirtNKids household wishes you a happy and safe 4th of July in America.

As you enjoy whatever traditions you’ve become accustomed, why not celebrate our own freedoms by setting another free? You can easily start with those enslaved for your taste pleasure alone.

  • Get dairy ice cream alternatives to top your vegan apple pie. Vanilla coconut or vanilla soy are flavorful and are melt-y and delightful on the tongue with a warmed-up slice. No need to steal from babies, sentencing them to their deaths (or a future of enslavement).

Photo Credit: Fried Dandelions
Click it for a Vegan Apple Pie recipe

  • Hot dogs or burgers? Try the meatless variety. I personally wouldn’t call Smart Dogs ‘healthy,’ but charred on a skewer over an open flame and served with all the fixin’s — even meatless chili and dairy-free cheese — my brain and taste buds don’t know the difference. Same goes for many ready-made frozen bean burgers grilled over charcoal and topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions, avocado slices for some extra oomph. DeeeLISH. (Psst. Bean burgers are healthy, and you can easily make these at home.) Want a burger that really tastes like a beef burger? Beyond Meat has the most amazing-tasting solution!

Photo credit: Beyond Burger

  • Just Mayo makes the best egg-less mayonnaise for your hot dogs and burgers, just don’t use it for your free-range deviled eggs — kind of defeats the purpose of a cruelty-free dish (no matter what the egg producer wants you to believe). We find ours at Wal-mart or our local grocery.

  • Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honey dew melons grown locally (find them in rural farm stands near you) don’t necessarily require the enslavement of another to grow for your enjoyment. They are the best summer fruits for cooling off. Chill them first, then dive in!

Photo credit: Prathyush Thomas

19 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day (The Vegan Way)

    1. Please call! We are listed. I tried your numbers and email, but was unable to reach you. I am crossing my fingers that we’re able to connect. Much love from here, Olga. X


  1. Well said : ) We’ve been partial lately to repurposing our waffle maker as a panini press. White bean spread, sauteed onions and mushrooms, and a little Daiya cheese between two slices of sourdough bread… it’s been a revelation.

    We’ve been enjoying the pictures from your summer road trip and wish you a safe and inspiring rest of your trip!

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    1. A panini press! Fabulous tool for quickie meals. I’d forgotten about it. Bean paste of any kind comes with us on outings along with the requisite fresh loaf or flat bread and fresh greens / peppers. Never a need to ‘cook’ which is freedom for me in the summer.

      Glad y’all are enjoying your time I’m Montana. There are days I wish we could switch places!


  2. I still think that if a fast food chain produced a really delicious veggie burger, and promoted it as yummy rather than “ideologically pure” (i.e. for vegetarians only) it would be a global net-positive. Reduce demand for meat, production of meat will decline. The world is run by people who chase money and they will back whichever trend will pay.

    BTW thank you for this lovely post!

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    1. I agree, but plants are no substitute (as our evolution goes) for animal fats which are calorie-dense, and the very reason we are exploding in size. What most are lacking is the ability to curtail instinct for understanding. As long as there are no laws protecting non-humans, exploitation of them is inevitable.

      Still, I do my part and urge others to do the same. Thanks, Paul. Happy 4th!


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