The debri pile resulting from more than a hundred homes flooding during the Harvey rains.

Hello email readers,

Something strange happened yesterday: My first-ever post at DirtNKids Blog (this one) magically appeared in my and many other inboxes, but not in the WordPress reader (which is where I read my blogs). The date of the post was what stuck out.

January 14, 2012. Posted yesterday. Just. Weird.

I can’t explain what happened, but man oh man. Did it awaken the blog’s readership! I got phone calls, texts, and even some of my regular not-close-friend followers (who didn’t realize the blog’s age) were keen to comment on the anomaly. A normally sleepy stats page went absolutely berserk which was kind of fun to watch, actually.

Equally strange was this out-of-place pile of flood debris nearby. It is all staged to be compressed into giant bundles — drywall, furnishings, batting, flooring — and delivered straight into a giant hole in the ground. Houston’s curbs still look a whole lot like this (though in miniature), and summing the whole of debris volume for our giant city is just mind-blowing.

Sad, Sad Pile Of Trash

Thanks for rattling my cage in whatever manner that suits you best. It’s nice being back in touch with you all again. Cheers!

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids

9 thoughts on “Bizzaro

    1. This is one of MANY, and more than a month after the storm now, there are still mini-piles in front of hundreds of homes dotted around Houston. Disaster, I tell you.


  1. So weird how that happened the other day. But what a nice surprise.
    It will take years for people to recover from this year’s hurricane season and some may never fully recover😢
    We should all count out blessings… and never forget “There by the grace of God go I…”


    1. Indeed. Was just visiting with a Rockport native. They got it so much worse than we did, and funding has all but dried up (with Houston Harvey, Irma, and now Maria). It’s a good thing Homo sapiens are resilient and persistent animals. But it’ll be a long haul for so many.

      Counting blessings … one … two …


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