Belted Kingfisher: Bold Arrival (Sound!)

A male Belted Kingfisher calls while in flight, making sure others know this is his hunting territory.

“My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.” ~ Henry Rollins


There is no questioning the arrival of theย Belted Kingfisher each autumn. He comes back to patrol along the trees up and down our creek, the signature loud rattle-chatter heard in the distance.

This stocky, top-heavy little bird is always heard, seldom seen — rarely shot with a camera. He’s fast and always on his way to another perch or dive-bombing into the creek for small fish, his food.

Then he’s promptly off again, yelling along the way.

I’m back! My creek!! My fish! Go away!

[Can’t hear anything? Try opening the post in your favorite browser to listen and turn up the speakers.]

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9 thoughts on “Belted Kingfisher: Bold Arrival (Sound!)

  1. How wonderful to hear the distinctive kingfisher here, Shannon. I love this sound because I often hear a kingfisher before I see it, and it makes me stop and look, and then find the bird. Lovely post.


    1. When the RTH’s move on, and the Kingfishers and Wood Ducks arrive, we know that cooler weather is soon on its way too. Glad you liked it, Jet. I have several audio bytes that I’ve yet to share. Playing some catch-up on the blog.

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  2. And don’t forget their wonderful, swooping flight — up and down and up and down!

    I’ve not heard one yet this year, but the ospreys are on top of their masts, calling and calling. We don’t usually get kingfishers until the coots are here too, and I’ve still only seen one coot. But when the next cold front gets here, I suspect we’ll have coots and kingfishers both.


    1. Your locale sounds divine! Osprey ‘calling from their masts’ makes me drool. We got to watch an osprey eat a fish at Baytown Nature Center Sunday and never tire of seeing them when we can. Yes, even the coots are welcomed back. What would be a water bird outing without hundreds of coots to count too?


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