Giving Each Other Space To Grow

‘I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.’ ~ Unknown

Remember the Solstice Sisters of early winter? Here they are … naked at last, conserving energy for when spring and ample sunlight arrives once again. Notice how they are intent upon not getting in each other’s way.

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6 thoughts on “Giving Each Other Space To Grow

  1. Do you know common is it for there to be a separation like that between trees?

    It just occurred to me that people who feel a spiritual charge when the sun stops sinking any lower could refer to that turn as a soulstice.


    1. I see it in the pendant live oaks of my front yard, which were initially planted too close together. ‘Little brother, what we call the one in the middle, is getting squeezed, forcing his canopy upward rather than outward. The arborist and I talk about him every year, and we help him a bit by opening up his big bro’s canopies a bit.

      But I’m only buying him time. I can’t see fit to take down any tree, even those struggling for space.

      I almost called the post ‘soulstice sisters’! We do call them ‘soul sisters’ here. There’s also a giant bur oak and pecan who’ve come up (75 years at least) 3 feet from each other. They’re the ‘conjoined twins.’

      It’s fun, anthropomorphizing the beings in our lives. There is definitely a spiritually with the practice.


    1. The cold snap brought me in for neglected chores inside, those ignored as I spend days enjoying outside work (and great weather). I should be better at balancing those!

      Have you tried Neil-Med yet for allergies?

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