Meet Me In The Summertime

“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.” ~ Mark Twain

Man. It feels like it only just got started, this Summer of 2019. And within the span of a few weeks, reality with all its scheduling and work and computing comes crashing back in again. I’ve been here many times before, it seems.

This post features a few snaps (and a snappy tune) to celebrate the very welcomed time off. Here’s to squeezing every little bit of juicy goodness out of summer while we all still can.

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids

Urban pocket prairie!
Discovery Green, Houston, Texas

Beating the Heat
Makeshift Pool and Spa

4th of July Lily Explosion

Fun with Phone Panos
(Someone lost his head …)
Cousin Camp — H-town Adventure 2019

High Humidity Rainbow

Cecropia Moth Caterpillar
Alien? Nah! Just another awesome Earthling.

Favorite Reading Nook
(Stress-free, but not mosquito-free.)

Western Rat Snake
(I named her ‘Shannon,’ so my friend wouldn’t kill her.)

Black Swallowtail Emergence
Hello, Summer!!

[Email readers: Above is a video embed which must be viewed at the blog or on YouTube.]

Summer Blasts From The Bloggy Past:

19 thoughts on “Meet Me In The Summertime

  1. Fantastic celebration of summer, Shannon. I love the photos of the caterpillar and the swallowtail, spectacular close-ups of these delightful creatures.


    1. It has! Learning about prairie ecosystems so that we could create one in our own yard has been the biggest highlight for me this summer. (Houston and surrounding areas were all Gulf Coast prairie habitat until a city boom changed all that in the 20th century). I am working diligently to become a point person who can help direct schools who want to convert land to outdoor classrooms, a/k/a/ pocket prairie and organic gardens. Fun stuff!

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  2. I love summer… but in Texas, I have to say that Spring is my favorite season. Other than the allergy crap that comes with it. AND all the flowers that turn to weeds on the sides of the roads. Drives me nuts! Love Mother Nature. I will never complain about the heat because I would much rather have it than the nasty white stuff.
    Love the pics and the song! Happy Summer Shannon! ❤


    1. Nice to see you, Courtney. I do hope you are well!! All great sentiments listed .. most if not all of them shared by me. My family all want a colder climate, but I’m more of a flip-flops gal. Tough to wear them trudging through snow. Happy summering, Sweet Lady. ☀️

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  3. And it looks like Barry’s going to stay east — bad for Louisiana, but good for us. Love the rainbow especially, and that hammock. Do you know there was not one mosquito at Brazoria over the holiday weekend? I couldn’t believe it. Even with my usual preventive measures I expected to see them, if not fight them off — but they just weren’t there. It may end up being the high point of my summer! (tongue in cheek there, but only slightly)


      1. I like the loop trail that leads off from the pond boardwalk, and I’ll often drive to the far end to the turnaround, and take the trail that runs along the levee. There are a couple others I’d like to walk, but every time I’ve headed down them I’ve either scared a gator into the water or heard one grunting. I have those trails on the list for birding — preferably in good, cold weather!


      2. Walking and looking up for birds while female gators are nearby on nests is generally not a good idea! At Brazos Bend, I came within 3 feet of tripping over a 7-foot alligator while scanning the canopy for warblers this spring, but stopped when my hubs yelled for me to. It was almost a good blog story to tell, but not quite.

        Those are our favorite trails as well, especially the levee near Rogers Pond at the turnaround. Always so many beautiful shorebirds there.

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