The ‘Kids’ of DirtNKids


Hi Readers,

I’m breaking from the traditional ‘Dirt’ posts that have dominated the last couple of years to pop my chest out and brag a little about the ‘Kids’ part of DirtNKids, my kids.

Today we are celebrating a first for our four children: admittance into a 4-yr university. A fine student all through his school career, our oldest ranks 13th in his class of +850 with a 4.6 mid-term GPA, among other honors. We figured with those stats, he shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting into college, and UH Cullen College of Engineering was his top choice.

Go Coogs!!

In typical Mom-knows-no-shame and well within my bragging rights, I wanted to share this rather old video of three Kids performing before their spring recitals. They had worked out Flying in a Blue Dream by Joe Satriani just weeks before and were given permission to play it impromptu as parents, students, and audience members were getting seated for the hour-long showtime; the youngest, a violinist, didn’t want to collaborate. Mr. Collegiate, a fine pianist in his own right, is playing electric guitar this time.

To be sure, they are all quite into their music and art talents.

[Email Readers: This is a YouTube video embed. You’ll have to click away to view it at the blog.]

Woohoo!!! Y’all stay warm. See you again on the Dirt side.

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids

7 thoughts on “The ‘Kids’ of DirtNKids

  1. Somehow this fell through the blogging cracks, Shannon. It’s good to know that your eldest got into the college of his choice. If he decides engineering isn’t for him, he could always become a successful musician. πŸ™‚
    I hope all is well in Texas and I wish you happy holidays.
    Snowy greetings from Colorado,
    Tanja ❄❄❄


    1. If it’s any consolation to you, Tanja, my whole life has fallen through the blogging crack! Your comment is most thoughtful and I appreciate how you’ve stuck around, even in my absence. Have a wonderful, snowy winter!!

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  2. Congratulations Shannon, Scott and especially John!! Knew you were a smart kid!! Looking forward to your future success in the engineering world! Proud of you!


  3. How wonderfully your delightful children have grown and evolved, Shannon. Enjoyed the video and their collaboration, talents, and skills. And wishing much congrats and luck to your eldest for his fine accomplishment. You have a lot to be proud of, and I appreciate seeing it here.


    1. Hello, sweet Jet. It is such a pleasure having your joyful presence here. We are still celebrating, enjoying a most gorgeous day out together while the weather is nice; life is so very, very rich and meant to be savored. I do hope life is treating you and Athena well. Cheers from here!

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