Portraits of a Pocket Prairie

“Instructions for living a life:  Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ~ Mary Oliver

Pinkie Petiole

The ‘Marilyn Monroe’


Flying Saucer

Unknown Insect

Grassy Game of Peek-a-boo

Coreopsis Dewdrops

Prairie Tears

Basketflower Bug

Basking Basket Bug


Spring Obedience

Gamagrass Inflorescense

Inflorescent Inversion

Dandelion Seedhead

Flower-head Fireworks



Sunflower Petiole

The Esteemed ‘Conductor’

Waxing Fleabane


Salvia Flower Stalk


Thank you for the inspiration, Steve.

For image details in the Pocket Prairie project,
click on this album link then read the captions.

13 thoughts on “Portraits of a Pocket Prairie

  1. You’re gonna tell me you took these with your phone, am I right? They are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing some Texas Spring flowers with us. I always look forward to the Blue Bonnets but they are sparse up here in my neck of the woods. Lots of Crimson Clover though.

    We have a house not far from us that sits back from the road behind a lake, maybe 20 to 30 acres? Between the lake and the road are huge fields that are sewn with Indian Paint brush. Millions of them! This year is the prettiest they have ever been. I stopped and took pictures because they were just spectacular.

    I hope you and your family are well and safe through these weird times. We were both sick with something back in March (don’t believe it was COVID) but we are well now. Most of my family are doing ok, just usual drama and “normal” things that would be happening anyway.
    Take care and stay safe! ❤


    1. Long time no see! No … these were taken with the Canon and zoom lens. The camera phone can only do so much for macro portraiture (and that’s not a lot). I’m so glad to read you’re getting out and enjoying nature as much as you can. I find it very healing, social distancing being rather easy to do in the middle of a prairie, waste high in grasses and flowers. So nice of you to come by and leave a footie print. Be well, Courtney!

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      1. I love the photos. My daughter plays around with photography also. She has done some infant shoots a with a couple of friend’s newborns. She is actually very good at it and perhaps wants to learn to do it well enough to go professional.
        We are well. Had some illness around us and several deaths. Unrelated to COVID, but difficult none the less because of the inability to have funerals.
        These are weird times. I’m not out enjoying nature near as much as I should. I have been stuck in my house and climbing the walls. No physical exercise to speak of which is bad. But I have been doing a lot of brain stuff. Reading, podcasts, conference calls and continuing to learn.
        I’m going through post-graduation depression apparently. It’s a thing…I found out yesterday.. and I have not been doing any of the things I should to help it. Will start that soon. Not today since the weather was kind enough to gift me with a migraine this am. 😖
        Stay well and safe my friend. ❤


  2. I’m hoping not all of these are current! If they are, I clearly have been missing out — if there are basket-flowers blooming, I’m going to go find them, restrictions or no restriction! I know this ditch….

    I especially like the grass. It wasn’t until I got my macro lens that I realized how much was going on with them, nearly invisibly. They really are as beautiful and complex as any flower.


    1. Yes, they are current … and from my yard last Sunday. Though I’ve not been posting with regularity, I have been shooting, documenting, nature-ing. Here’s an album of photos this year from the ‘nice’ camera (not the camera phone). You’ll see a picture of alligator babies in there too!

      We are having quite the spring migration in our yard, thankfully. Dozens of different migrants to gaze at, including indigo. Still waiting for painted …


  3. See all these nice wildflowers that you’ve been depriving people of a view of (oh, English syntax). No basket-flower has yet put in an appearance in Austin, at least not that I’ve seen. I did, however, see an eastern gamagrass inflorescence here last week.


    1. I’ve not seen any blooming yet outside my own yard. I planted seeds for those each the first of October, November, and December, so they are blooming in equal succession. Not all the bluebonnets showed, but I got some bonus blue-eyed grass (see opening photo) in several places of my yard (which I happily mowed around).


    1. You too, Pit. Keeping social distance is hard, but I’ve really been enjoying the suburbia ‘quiet’ without all the mechanical hum-drum of super-busy lives. That is the upside.


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