A Year Outside 2021 … in a 2-minute Video

Hi WordPress peeps,

Since my last post in the blog realm, life with a pandemic mixed in — shifting between red, orange, yellow and green in my county — has not let up much. College kids, high school kids, a fourth New Class of Texas Master NaturalistsTM to get trained, I’m still not back to the point where I can reliably post monthly, let alone weekly.

I’ve not been following any of your blogs either; I have no idea how any of you are or what you’ve been up to in 2020 and 2021. If you’d like to reconnect, feel free to post a comment here (or a more private one direct to my email or by clicking the link below) and I promise to get right back with you.

However tenuous my relationship with the DirtNKids Blog remains, I’m still Dirt and I’m still Kids in the real world. I wish you all well in the coming holidays and months following.

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids
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13 thoughts on “A Year Outside 2021 … in a 2-minute Video

  1. Thanks for sharing your wild and varied 2021 experiences, Shannon. Nature continues to be the only constant in our lives, while everything man-made continues to be in flux and turmoil.
    I was impressed to see the National Wildlife Foundation’s sign next to your garden. What an honor. I know how much time and energy went into that, but in turn, you are reaping incredible rewards from providing this habitat to so many denizens and visitors.
    I wish you and all the family a happy and healthy end to the year.
    Best wishes,


    1. Super nice to see you Tanja. The NWF sign is the cherry on the sundae, for my neighbors really. The diversity that showed up into the restored habitat? That was for ME! If only I had time to put together a wildlife list; it really is pretty extraordinary. I’m glad you are getting outside and enjoying Nature as well. Thank you, and our best to you in the New Year!

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      1. Thanks for the good wishes, Shannon. I would love to see your wildlife list if you ever get around to tabulating it. And I hope your neighbors will take note and try to mend some of their less nature-friendly ways.
        All the best,


      2. I am not hopeful for my neighbors; they are quite set in their ways and appear to have unlimited $$ resources. I have a Pocket Prairie LIFE list on iNaturalist, the playground that replaced my blog. It’s amazing to me that less than 100 plants have attracted 150+ animals in less than two years. New species pop up every now and again, so I fully expect this list to grow. Cheers! https://www.inaturalist.org/lists/2093822-Pocket-Prairie

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  2. Welcome back, and welcome to December already. Can you believe we’ve been living with a pandemic for going-on two years now? Time has flown by in a time warp compression. You’ve certainly kept busy with family and nature. Eve and I have spent our share of time outdoors (though nowhere near as much as you), most recently three hours the day before yesterday hiking at Inks Lake State Park, which has become a favorite place. Happy almost 2022.

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    1. Yeah, Steve, I’m really looking forward to some semblance of normalcy again. Or maybe this is it now? What I can’t believe is it was two years ago you, Eve and I were walking the coast together, and I was a budding Naturalist. Time indeed has whooshed by! Glad we keep in touch. Be well, and Happy 2022.

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  3. Yes, we are enjoying Central Texas [https://wp.me/p4uPk8-4hn] – despite Covid. And I’m enjoying my garden improvement [https://wp.me/p107Dr-1Pj].


    1. Lovely! Lost Maples is a place I’ve not visited in Texas yet. Maybe one day when the kids are grown and I have more time to explore. Love the rock and cactus garden! That would not work so well here where we have deadpan clay soil and 36” inches of annual rainfall.

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      1. We have different types of soil on our property: from caliche to clay to sand. Around the plants I’m trying to improve it with organic compost. If I’m planting something in clay soli, I use the lava rock in the potting hole for drainage. I hope that helps.


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