We Ain’t Afraid of no Bugs!

At the request of BugGirl’s blog, the kids have been looking for interesting bugs to video for the SquEE! Contest post. It’s a great opportunity to show others what kind of grit we’re made of.

Hm, what should it be? An arachid? An ox beetle? A velvet ant? All the six-leggers must have know we were coming and done R-U-N-N-O-F-T. We couldn’t find a single one, not even with a flash light.

It wasn’t even a particularly busy day for butterflies, hardly the kind that give people the willies. Just flitting to and fro, sipping their nectar and laying eggs out of the garden. Such sweet and happy feelings while watching. These aren’t fair game for a SquEEE! contest.

By 8:30p when we were just about to give up hope, Angie spotted something on the back porch.

Is it…? Could it be…? YES! Walking sticks. And they’re doing what all bugs do best, eating being their second best activity.

Tsk tsk. Right there in front of everyone. Perv bugs.

Our entry is posted on the blog in the comment section, and there are three more DirtNKids videos there too, in you’re interested.


We ♥ Insects

35 thoughts on “We Ain’t Afraid of no Bugs!

  1. Awesome kids and of course one heck of a mom! I can trace my love of wildlife to my mother and father who were brave enough to let me explore the swamps, lakes, oceans and woods of Florida.


    1. Love — and/or respect — of wildlife usually begins with the parents. I was fortunate to have two grandfathers who inspired me. My own parents, not so much! Of my siblings, I am the only one that wound up the weirdo. Now (thankfully), my kids are too. Thanks for coming by! 😀

      PS – You might like yesterday’s post. It’s crawling with bugs.

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  2. You actually went searching FOR bugs? 🙂 Eeeeek! I had to check out your post because I was curious — but I can’t bring myself to watch the video! I will imagine that it is very good and that your daughter is very brave. You have a wonderful outlook on life.


    1. YES. Bugs are a favorite. Most people’s aversion to them is what probably keeps them from my blog! LOL Never mind. I always say, “It’s an insect’s world, and we’re living in it.”

      At the end of this (http://wp.me/p28k6D-GA) post is my other then-6-yr-old daughter holding an ox beetle grub. They are HUGE. The pic with her beautiful toothless face in the background makes me smile every time.

      Thank you for commenting. And you are indeed brave to come by!


    1. The biggest walking stick I ever saw was discovered north of Singapore in Port Dickson, Malaysia (we used to live there). It was about 20 cm long. I have it on old video (tape).


  3. Nice! I’ve always loved walking sticks. They’re one of the creatures of the world that at first glance appears as though it shouldn’t be able to survive – it’s charmingly awkward though, in some ways.


  4. It’s nice to see a guy that prefers a gal with a little meat on her bones, er, um, exoskeleton? Your daughter is a hoot – so calm about it all.


    1. Haha! In the bug world, it’s not uncommon that the females are bigger. I was born without the “ew gross” gene — my daughter apparently didn’t get it either!


      1. I can’t even begin to tell you how much i dislike the bugs. My dad paid to have the terminator spray my house because he was tired of coming over in the middle of the night to kill my bugs.


    1. Aw, thanks, Jean-François! You should see her now. She got her hair all cut off the next day…a “boy” cut, she calls it. She and her older brother now REALLY look like twins — twin boys.


  5. Wow! I’ve seen plenty of walking sticks, but never have I seen a Texas-sized walking stick! You guys really do grow them so much bigger!


    1. Oh, if you are referring to my link to my post in my reply to Shannon, those grasshoppers. They are about 3 inches long and cover the highways out here in west Texas at certain times of the year when they are mating.


    1. That is an awesome photo! I’ve heard about the grasshopper invasions; the only invasions we get here are the “love bugs” and the June beetles (happening now). I can’t imagine 3″ grasshoppers — especially not the mating all-the-time kind!


  6. Wow, is it getting hot in here? Why are my windows fogging up? Chica-bow-wow-chica-bow-wow. That’s bug porn music in case you’re wondering. I love walking sticks!


  7. Wow, I’ve seen smaller ones, but never ones that size. We have some pretty big praying mantis around here though. A few years ago I snapped a photo of one on the side of a church. Now tell me THAT isn’t just plain hilarious? 😉


    1. That is quite the coincidence indeed. This “contest” was a challenge. We have so many bugs to choose from in our paradise, but for some reason, everyone was in hiding (probably because we were looking).

      Glad to have you stop in. Come back any time. 🙂


  8. Cool. My kids would love those! We occasionally find cool bugs around here, but not the giant-sized ones your gang does. Read about an ogre-eyed spider while doing some work recently. Let me know if you come across one of those. Scary.


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