8 thoughts on “Summer Freedom (Video!)

  1. Ohh man we’re into our 4th day in a row of triple digits. I can handle hot weather , but this intense heat AND humidity is really debilitating. Plus it doesn’t really cool down; its 85 degrees now and its midnight. Thank God for AC.


    1. It’s the mosquitoes now that are the killer. Our propane vac has some work to do with this new hatching. It’s just inundated. HA! It’s 78 outside and 81 inside as I type this. Now that’s a switcheroo, ain’t it?


  2. I love when I have those in my yard. Mostly we get monarchs here though. My favorite to see however are the hummingbird moths. When the phlox starts to bloom, they will be out en force.


    1. Right now, we have 10 or more different butterflies and moths buzzing around. Hummingbird moths are awesome to watch! I should try to shoot one (video, that is). I have no phlox in my yard…I wonder if I could grow it here in zone 9.


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