Luck o’the Irish: The Eagle Has Landed (Video!)

Firmly in the thick of something mundane, our diligent little backyard birder, Ginny, interrupted me breathlessly to tell us that there was an eagle in our yard.

“Certainly you don’t mean one of the turkey vultures circling above.”  I brushed her off, not even looking up from I was doing.

“No, Mom! That big bird right over there, eating something on the ground. The brown one with the white head and white tail.”

She pointed to the back out the kitchen window, barely able to contain her excitement. I grabbed the video camera and sprinted out the door.

Bless me lucky charms. The lass was spot on.

The video was a bit shaky as I struggled to keep in full zoom without a tripod. I was so excited, hoping not to startle him. This next one is what Ginny saw from the window, the first few seconds shot. I had the camera rolling in the event he decided to fly off, which he promptly did into our neighbor’s tree.

You could say the neighborhood birds were not happy to have this brute in the hood. It appears one of their kin (most probably a whistling duck by the black feathers) was in the process of becoming dinner.

Earlier in the day, sweet Angie found not just one, but two four-leafed clovers month. I blame the Luck o’the Irish on her, even though I — with the Irish name — have been looking for one my whole life.

I'm Looking Over a Four-Leafed Clover...
I’m Looking Over a Four-Leafed Clover…

A toast of green beer to all. Have a safe St. Patrick’s Day, and Happy Spring!

What’s the most unexplained luckiest thing
that’s ever happened to you?

23 thoughts on “Luck o’the Irish: The Eagle Has Landed (Video!)

  1. So cool!
    We had a golden eagle show up in our yard once (not current home, my childhood home). I was in my car about to leave and it landed near my window. Turned and looked at me and its eye was practically level with mine. It was GIANT! I still get shivers thinking about it.


    1. A GOLDEN Eagle! I believe they are bigger even than the Bald Eagle. What a fabulous memory to have, Melissa. Only my husband has seen one; I keep looking every time we visit out west. I’ll get one on my list yet. Happy Spring!


  2. Wow, Shannon lots of luck in this post! What a delight to find a bald eagle, and how glorious that you have your own spotter Ginny to inform you. Fun photo of smiling Angie with her special find too. Happy St. Patrick’s to you!


    1. We’ve seen it again here and there, but never in such close proximity. Watching an eagle dive from the air to nab a teal out of the creek is quite a sight! Hope you’re having a fab Spring Break where you are, Jet.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the nice shout-out! And I’m delighted to have you here enjoying DirtNKids wackiness and joy.

      Though I’m much too busy these days to post as required to pass these awards on in proper fashion — as I’ve done in the past — there is an awards page under construction to shelve my gold stickers and those who gave them. I hope to have up in May sometime.


  3. It’s super green here already. I was pulling big weeds to feed my new garden bed (don’t worry, I de-seed them first) in 87 degree temps. I was sweating!


  4. Great video! It’s nice just seeing ground without snow on it. We got another 4 or 5 inches today. Just when you think it should start greening up! It is spring, after all, in just two days.


  5. We’ve seen large gatherings of Bald Eagles “winter” along the Mississippi from the Quad Cities down to Pere Marquette and around the surrounding areas and waterways of the Illinois and Missouri rivers. But I think seeing one in your own backyard is really very cool.


    1. I do love it when you come by and comment as a non-blogger! We love the same things methinks and your feedback lets me know that many followers are indeed getting the emails. I understand there is a reunion — though I wouldn’t exactly call it “mini” — underway. Alas, we will most likely not be able to squeeze that one in our already full summer schedule! I will certainly be there in spirit. Love ya.


  6. So very cool. We saw one fly over our house last year. Even if one was eating his dinner in our backyard, I’d think it was cool. I’d forgive him. Maybe this guy doesn’t live far and you’ll see him again.


    1. That is exactly what we’re hoping for! He would really help with the squirrel population who wreak havoc on my stone fruit trees. I’ll be over soon to catch up on what you’ve written. Now that I’ve figured out how read off-line in the reader, I should be all set. Will get an lot of blog-reading done while the truck tire gets repaired (got screwed).


    1. It made our whole day, week, weekend…heck. Maybe our year! I feel so damed lucky to pick our yard and creek to come dine. And even luckier than my 6-yr-old knows the difference between an eagle and a vulture.

      Thanks for popping by to comment. I’ve been neglecting you of late, but you know I will go back and read every Darla nugget I missed. Yes, I will do that for a favorite blogger. Cheers. And I hope school’s treating you well!


    1. I know! We’re off to buy a lotto ticket. You know, just in case. It was a great way to end spring break. Thanks for stopping by again. So nice having you a here.


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