25 thoughts on “The Power of Love

    1. So true, Christy. So very true. But love of power only creates more and more broken and desperate people, as is apparent by the now tens of millions of homeless displaced on the planet. It’s a sad state of affairs, it is.

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  1. I think everyone should read the quote out loud to themselves every morning. Maybe it would start rubbing off little by little. I’m in!

    Great find Shannon!


    1. Hey Carly! Great to see you again. Been a busy last couple of months. Hoping to catch up on a load of blog reading this weekend. I’ll be by (I saw you had a new post). Glad you approve of the look. I’m loving it! I probably visit my home page 4-5 times a day because the green with my daughter’s bright eyes just makes me feel good. Cheers!


      1. I’ve been super busy, too. I think I just went over a month between posts. I’ve missed out on a lot of blog reading as well, but hoping to get back into it now that things have slowed down some. Have a great day!


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