We Ain’t Afraid of No Snakes!

Here’s what happens when a 6-year-old gets a hold of a video camera — for puppet show purposes — and then discovers there’s an unscheduled snake crashing the production stage.

Way to go, Ginny.

That right there is the future of DirtNKids!

Do snakes make you get a camera?
Or a shovel or rake?
Or do you just run inside instead?

(PS — It’s highly likely a snake is of the harmless garden variety.
This one, a rat snake, is a regular.)

29 thoughts on “We Ain’t Afraid of No Snakes!

    1. I do think that they know. He was quite comfortable (or scared) with kids running all around. We don’t have cobras, but we have a distant cousin of the cobra, the coral snake. He’s only 2 feet long but has the same venom potency. We see them all the time, happy to have them around even.

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    1. Reptilians hold a special place in my heart. I’m sure you’ve already guessed that! Did you know we have alligators on and near our property too? How lucky are we?! http://wp.me/p28k6D-rB The album on that post has an egg-laying turtle as well; we’ve be fortunate enough to hatch some out at home. Too much fun.

      Will be back at Brazos Bend next month with a fellow birder. Taking my camera!


  1. We don’t have snakes in New Zealand – I’ve never ever seen a live snake, even in a zoo! – but I was fascinated to hear that your kids put on the same silly voice (replacing their S’s with Sh’s) as mine do. ALL THE TIME. Just as the 7 year-old stopped doing it, FINALLY, the 5 year-old started. Sigh…


    1. I’m not sure I want to live in a place without snakes! They are excellent pest control. Without them and the birds of prey on our property, we might be overrun with rodents (in some ways, we still are).

      Love your comment about the S’s!! It is so very cute, but we work very hard to improve her diction (which she can do), but she had just emerged from her “character voice” in a puppet show, so it stuck on video.

      Glad to have you here from Peg’s. I’ve visited your site already…we may have quite a bit in common! Come back anytime. 🙂


      1. Wow, birds of prey too! Just a little bit jealous now. NZ has no native mammals except for a bat, which is how we managed to evolve our signature bird, the cute and flightless kiwi. Of course, us lovely white settlers brought predators over with us like stoats and cats and things…


  2. I absolutely ADORE this post! I would definitely go for the camera and never a shovel or rake. Mind you up here they’re the harmless Garter snakes that are always welcome in my gardens. If I lived where there were venomous snakes, I’d run inside for sure!
    🙂 Hugs to you (and apologies for being away so long!) xo Gina


    1. Hugs to you to, Gina! Everyone seems to be doing their thing this summer. I’m not posting nearly as much as I’d like, being I two homes with four kids 24/7. Have a terrific summer. I’ll be checking back with you periodically.


  3. “Look at him. Isn’t he beautiful?” That says it all right there! 🙂
    Thanks for the comments on my posts. I’m really behind on comments, if/when I can keep up. You’re so kind to keep reading. 🙂


    1. Oh, Jennifer, I know your busy-ness. My own memory of those days is still very fresh! Wouldn’t miss your stuff, even if it may take a couple of days to get there. Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Hey, scorpions are just a bit creepy. Which is it? Spider? Insect? And with a stinger? I agree completely.

      So nice of you to stop by on such a blatant dare. I must say I’d rather be enjoying romps through the breweries with you and Rachel than biding my time between apartment and home this summer. I’m not even getting to get my nails dirty much. So sad.


  4. Where I grew up, all snakes were harmless. Here, I study them and when in doubt I give them a wide berth. They do what they do, I do what I do 🙂


    1. Indeed! We see the harmless variety here most of the time. We’ve only seen one each of the four poisonous variety in Texas since moving here 7 years ago, minus the rattlesnake. That’s the one you probably see most where you are, I imagine.

      Wide berth. Always a good plan with an un-ID’d snake!


    1. Not completely “back” yet, but getting closer. I’ve missed you too! Hoping to catch up several month’s reading in a few weeks when life settles to a dull roar.


  5. Great video. This weekend we also had a rat snake in a tree right next to our house. Our reaction to it wasn’t quite as calm!! We did no harm to it and realized that our rat problem had quietly vanished over the last year!


    1. Over near Froberg, they get to be rather long. We watched one cross the road near the K of C at Hwy 6…it was half the width of the road! Yep. Those guys do well the job they’re built to do — eat lots and lots of rodents (and birds, and lizards…).

      Thanks for popping by, Charles! Glad to hear your rodent problem is being taken care of.


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