Mish Mash Monday – March 9

Photo credit: Vadim Trunov

“I’m not an animal lover if that means you think things are nice if you can pat them, but I am intoxicated by animals.” ~ David Attenborough

My Pick: Heart-warming. A Girl And Her Crows.

Given our own love and respect for all beings two-legged and feathered, we totally get how easy it is to love them with feeders and bird baths. Did you know that birds can love you back? Read this wonderful story about a girl whose kindness is repaid by the birds she feeds — through all the trinkets they bring to her. Amazing!

Courtesy of Joan Larsen, Forming the Thread Blog

Electro-magnetism Explained. In Less Than 5 Minutes. Wow.

Where was Veritasium when I was taking EM classes for an engineering degree so many years ago?  All I needed was one positively charged cat and the right reference point, apparently, juding from this clip from their ‘Minute Physics’ series. If this piques your interest for more (as it did mine), you might also want to view the follow-on, why magnets work. This is so thoughtful, even my middle-schooler understood it.

Kid Pick: A Squirrel And His Balls. Er, uh, Nuts. Never Mind.

This was just too cute not to pass on. You won’t want to miss out on the other photos taken of this playful duo; the photographer lured them to his camera by hiding nuts inside of mini-snowballs. What he captured in personalities is just priceless!

Hey! Catch! Photo Credit: Vadim Trunov

Courtesy of Animals Deserve to Live Blog

Dirt! The Movie. Our First Ever Giveaway!

DirtifiedI would like to thank Elizabeth at Benenson Productions for kindly offering up (unsolicited) three more videos for promotion here and for sharing it on their Facbook page. Thank you so much for your generosity!

There were officially seven contestants, a nearly 50% chance of winning. That’s better odds than the Texas Lottery! My copy — which I bought for this purpose — was worth every cent I paid to pass it on to someone else. Dirt! The Movie remains to be one of mine and my kids’ favorite documentaries, first watched streaming on Netflix, finally in my DVD library. It expresses best who I am and what we’re about here.

Thank you to all who participated and commented and liked. We are always glad to have you here; feel free to come back at any time.

The winners of last week’s Dirt! The Movie Giveaway(s) are (in no particular order):

Julie of ChocolateChipsAndChaos Blog

NovaScotiaRoots Blog

Steve R (My Cousin!)

Peg of Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings

Congratulations! I will be in touch via email to get you your loot.

2 thoughts on “Mish Mash Monday – March 9

  1. A fun post today, thanks Shannon! Really liked the squirrels. And Gabi’s story is a wonderful testament to the beauty of paying attention to the wildlife world that surrounds us, there are oh so many rewards. Crows are one of the smartest birds we have on this planet. 😀


    1. Thanks, Jet. It is fun for me to share these gems, even if most of those reading my blog may not be so ‘into’ them. If nothing else, I have a permanent bookmarking of the things that intrigued me most at a particular moment in time. This blog is, after all, for me first. 😀

      I completely agree with you on crows! We enjoy listening to them badger the predatory birds (http://wp.me/p28k6D-pr, video at the end). We always know when a hawk, eagle, or owl is around by the level of crow ruckus outside. They’re our little birds’ ‘bouncers.’

      Liked by 1 person

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