17 thoughts on “Chard Guard

    1. Yes, they are pretty awesome. If you didn’t see the video link at the end, you might enjoy it. My kids love watching them ‘square off.’ Such little dinos.


  1. He is on swiss chard we love that stuff. I never see it in the grocery stores. We waited to long to plant it this year. Cute lizard nice picture they are so much fun to photograph. Where is a good place in Galveston for birding Boliver Flats?


    1. Chard is amazing. It is chock full of ‘the other salt,’ the good salt: potassium. Our two plants are still cranking out 18-inch leaves after two years. It takes 5 of them just to feed my own face. 😀

      Bolivar Flats is an excellent place for water birds! It all depends upon which side of the island you’re on or whether you will come via I-10, I-45, or HWY 288. Also San Luis Pass is reliable, and the flats on east Galveston near the ferry (is where we found the skimmers last year). You pretty much can’t go wrong, except this weekend is Featherfest — a/k/a/ lots of birders/photographers. Let me know how it goes!


    1. He’s my skeeter eater and a regular resident down here on the Gulf Coast. It probably won’t surprise you that we love our snakes too. A balanced Eco system is key to a successful garden. Only the bugs (that he missed) eat the chard, and that’s okay too. Everyone’s gotta eat!


      1. I don’t think so, not like chickens will. Ducks are dabblers, in that they sift through the algae and water plants for the snails and crustaceans that live in them. THAT’S what they eat. You ever heard the phrase ‘like a duck on a june bug?’ There is good reason it was coined that way.


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