Morning Meditation, Birds and Bullfrogs (Sound!)

Oh no. There is a six in the first digit of my alarm clock. I have overslept. I slowly get up, smooth my hair out of my face, find my glasses, my pants, and (on school days) the laptop and Coach binder.

As I close in on the mid-century mark of my life, the more I appreciate the quiet pre-dawn hours before one of my children — as well as the rest of the world — wakes up. Once the rest of the world is awake, the real work begins.

Some people go for a run. Some catch up on reading or their Facebook feed. I like to listen.

Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal, male (female is the top photo)

Black-Bellied Whistling Duck

Black-bellied Whistling Duck

Bull Frog


These mornings are my meditation time. These sounds are my music, my radio. I tune the dial into Nature and listen to what She has to say, every morning when I can. I do my stretches, push-ups, sit-ups, practice my Kata to the rhythm of frogs and birds, either indoors with the windows open or outside by the creek.

Coffee is next, because — even with that calming ‘me’ time — no one can stand me until I’ve had a cup’o Java. Once rejuvenated, I am ready to absorb and manage the tidings of my species, my offspring in particular, which both challenge and delight me daily to no end.

What’s your favorite way to start your day?

16 thoughts on “Morning Meditation, Birds and Bullfrogs (Sound!)

  1. I can relate to it. Due to the powerful street lamps in Kolkata, India, the birds hardly sleeps. There is this single Oriental Magpie Robin that starts calling at a time as early as 2 in the morning. Somehow I manage to sleep, the calls are sharp shrills. But at 5am, the bulbuls and sparrows along with mynahs begin their concert. And I wake up, make myself a hot cuppa, and listen to them while they dance in front my window. 🙂 It feels really good. As if they are saying, “the day’s gonna be perfect.”


    1. Ahhh…bulbuls and mynahs. I miss the mynahs of southeast Asia! We should always enjoy whatever we have, shouldn’t we? Cheers, Agnij, and thanks for coming by. I think agree with your birdies: the day’s gonna be perfect.

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    1. Yes. The Northern Cardinal (the female is the featured image) is bright red and loves to sing his song with his whole self. Oh, to be serenaded like that! We are watching the couple build a nest just outside a window. Better than watching TV. Cheers, Christy!

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    1. When my children were young, that is really ALL I looked forward to on the weekends! I was nursing babies for what seemed like a solid 5 years (only short breaks).

      Nothing like having a squealing (with delight) toddler dropped onto your awaiting chest and arms in the morning. Those days are too short, A. I’m glad you are embracing them!

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      1. The first six months were more difficult than anything I could have imagined (or can clearly remember.) Apparently she was a difficult baby, according to people who know babies. The last six months have been so much fun! Hopefully it lasts awhile longer before toddler tantrums start up…

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