Crazy, Busy Life

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” ~ Steve Jobs

Two weeks have rushed by in a flurry of activity, a blurred pace. With the second and final week of state testing now behind us, another school year is all but finished. Four children have met (exceeded, really) the necessary requirements to be promoted to the next grade and all of us — yes, even Mom — are school weary and ready for summer break. This being our first full year with everyone enrolled in virtual school, we couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

But our work is not quite yet done. The next couple of weeks will focus on finishing lesson tasks early so we can enjoy one last hurrah of spring (at the beach, no doubt) before the masses of Houston are let out of school for the summer. It’s the final leg of the race and a surge of energy is needed. These temps in the 70’s certainly helps; I really do hope this is The New Normal for southeast Texas.

Here are some highlights of our crazy, wonderful life-filled past weeks. I will not waste my weekend on more words; pictures speak volumes.

Tomatoes! Already popping cherry variety into
my face two at a time. Not enough for sharing yet…

American Alligator

Gators are out and about and everywhere!

A first…a bobcat sleeping under the picnic table.
Maybe he’ll take care of my neighbor’s dog problem…

Another tomato volunteer…they love my healthy soil.

Five-lined skink with his bright blue tail.
How does Scott catch these fast guys?

‘I let go when you let me go. M’kay?’

Cock-a-doodle….*ahem* Quack! Quack!

Turtle Ménage à Trois

Another displaced predator (coyote) in the hood.
Habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate,
making way for Houston’s booming growth. Grrr.
(Photo credit: my neighbor)

Love these colorful predators (Green Anole)

Crested Caracara and American Crow

Bird predators are not welcomed by the other birds.
A crow chases a caracara from the yard.

Turkey Vulture

Our favorite red-headed squirrel gets hit by a car.
She is returned to the earth first as a meal for Turkey Vulture.
What remained was buried by Angie, next to her favorite tree.
RIP, April.

Happy Anniversary!

We are over the 200 mark for birds this year. Wow!
That is a post all in itself.
Just how did happy vegans wind up on the ‘predator’ post?

Unplug yourselves, people! Get outside with your peeps
and live life fully.

17 thoughts on “Crazy, Busy Life

    1. Wherever there are deer, there will be coyote. Urban environments are increasingly difficult for carnivores, however, as they are usually captured and/or killed by request of homeowners.

      We watch a young male white-tail ‘play’ with dogs across our creek every morning, chasing and running with a fence in between them. So fun.

      The bobcat is obviously doing well — he looks healthy!


    1. So nice to see you, Amber. Nature is so very wonderful, isn’t it? Temps in the 70’s, they are still down here, if you can believe it. I’m in no hurry to send them up your way either. Cheers, Lady!


    1. My friend asked me, “Do you ever blog about not-happy stuff?” I told her, “All the time!!” It’s just that I prefer to find joy in all things. What’s the point in being sad and down all the time? Life is too short and busy not to enjoy every last, little bit. Glad you enjoyed our delightful critters, Christy. Another birdie post is due…and coming. 😀

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  1. So glad to see you are doing so well. I continue to marvel at all you do! You are an inspiration.The kids are great, all due to your unwavering dedication to the phenomenal educational experience you provide daily.

    On that note, we miss you guys!!!! XOX ~ B & O


    1. Oh my gosh! Olga, it’s always so nice to see a long-time friend come and comment here. Happy to see posts are landing in your inbox. As for your compliment, I think every parent does the best he/she can do, but I have to admit, the flexibility of the virtual school has opened up our world to us! 😀


  2. I saw a few new birds last week I am having trouble identifying one of them. I have not been out to Brazos Bend in awhile maybe I can get out there this week. We did go to the beach last Friday morning for a grandkids photo session it was great at Surfside there was not many people and the sand had no seaweed YES for that. We have to enjoy these wonderful temperatures before the real heat comes. Great pictures glad your homeschooling is working out good.


    1. The trouble ID’ing will lessen with everyone remembered. The last few times we were on the coast, the beaches were nice and clean! No seaweed or marooned jellies to step over. Surfside is a nice reprieve from the crowded Galveston Boardwalk. These lower temps are amazing!!


  3. Fantastic photos Shannon! Loved seeing your large array of wildlife and the alligator and anole photos are woo-hoo great. Caracara is a fun neighbor to have…. 😀


    1. Thanks, Jet! I am loving my long lens. Lets me get ‘close,’ without getting too close. We are seeing different species this year in the yard, and, sadly, some of our regulars of the past are elusive. Either way, we aim to live in the moment. Have a great week, Jet.

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  4. Is it possible for your photos to get even better? They are amazing! Glad your year went so well homeschooling. I know you made every minute count. And I love the Steve Jobs quote. Absolutely right.


    1. Hi, Karen. Thanks for the delightful comment! It was both a fulfilling and exhausting year. This next one will go much more smoothly, with the learning curve surpassed. As for the photos, I ‘stepped up’ my equipment, added a big glass to the bag. A 600mm lens can take some great shots from a safe distance, no post-processing really necessary. Still learning though.

      Hope you survive — and enjoy — the summer!


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