Welcome Baby Turtles

Three of the nine turtles began emerging from their eggs July 6, right on schedule 66 days from laying. The first one to hatch was #7, and the kids name it 'Finn' since that's the first part of it we saw. Stinking Cutie! Pretty soon, several other embryos were visibly on their way to turtle-hood. … Continue reading Welcome Baby Turtles

Shy Prairie Chickens and Turtle Pillows

"It's never crowded along the extra mile."  ~ Wayne Dyer ♣ We are way overdue for a garden post. There's really not much going on at the moment. Aside from the seedlings in the kitchen catching whatever sunshine they can get from the windows, all's quiet in the out-of-doors.  As soon as they begin to … Continue reading Shy Prairie Chickens and Turtle Pillows