You, Me, Life, And This Blog

“I never said most of the things I said.” ~ Yogi Berra

I’m still here. How about you?

Are you still blogging?

Is life treating you good?

Are you sad that summer’s over? Or glad?

I’ve never been much good at idle chit-chat, so let’s get to the substance.

I really want to get back to blogging. But of late, I’ve been pretty gobbled up with one medium-sized City, one very large School District, one self-centric Developer, and the simple matter of how it is kids can safely ride bikes to a school a quarter mile away without a sidewalk on a major stretch of highway. Nothing major, really.

I’m already used to being a squeaky wheel activist. I am vegan, after all.

Then there was the whole creepy clown scare that wasted an entire week or more of learning kids attending bricks-and-mortar schools. We made light of it at home, of course, ’cause we ain’t scared of no clowns.

Scarpie the Skeleton
and his Clown Mask

But corporations and governments and politicians? No one wants to take responsibility for a thing anymore. It’s better to just point the finger in some other direction.

I’d like to point my finger in someone’s direction. My third finger. Yet the saga continues. (As of today, we may be getting a sidewalk after all).

Let’s see…what else?

Oh, life. Great for some, sucks for others.

Golden Orb Weaver Spider
It’s a ‘rach-eat-bug world out there.
Watch yer backs, peeps.

And sleep. Definitely sleep.

White-Lined Sphinx Moth (Caterpillar)

And clean-up. Lots and lots of clean-up.

Under The Old Bur Oak Canopy

Bur Oak Leaf
If my foot’s a size 8, what size is this leaf?

And the grocery-shopping is never-ending, ’cause we still gotta eat and there are at least three very hungry growing teens in the house. Rumor has it everyone’s rather sick of spaghetti and sammies and pizza by now.


Teens are just about as easy for clean-up 10 years later.


Be sure to click away and actually go and visit the blog.
I’ve been Halloween decorating…

What post would you like to see next?

4 thoughts on “You, Me, Life, And This Blog

  1. I sometimes manage words to go with my rarely remembered pictures. Someday I’ll be sad that I have time to write again because it means the kids aren’t chain-giggling in the kiddie pool while we eat a picnic dinner on a blanket in the backyard.


    1. It is my FAVORITE tree on our property! Arborist estimates it to be 80-100 years old. Your kids are younger than mine, so lack-of-blogging is an unintended consequence. I get it.

      Nice to see you’re still here, Wendy. I’ll keep a lookout for that next post… 😀


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