Black Witch: ‘Moth’erly Love

Moths are everywhere now, most of them the small indistinguishable variety. It is evidenced by the Eastern Phoebe and Eastern Bluebirds swooping down to the ground to gobble up a few and then back up to the trees.

When I brush past the lantana butterfly habitat out front and back, there is a flurry of moth activity, like little bits of dust flying up and landing back into the foliage.

With lots of trees on our property, we occasionally, get some real beauties.

The Black Witch (Ascalapha odorata) Is the subject of folklore and considered to be a harbinger of death in some superstitious customs. We are more level-headed — we know that Texas is in its northern most migratory range.

We welcome them in fall and hope to see one close-up. It means that Halloween is just around the corner!

Ascalapha Odorata "Black Witch"

Black Witch — Riding Her Broom
A Face Only A Mother Could Love
— THIS Mother!

Black Witch (Female)

Black Witch Female
(by the White Stripe)


Wing Detail
Gorgeous Coloration

The Giant of Family Erebidae
The Size of My Hand


When witches go riding
and black cats are seen,
The moon laughs and whispers
’tis near Halloween!

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