Black Friday Beachin’ It

“To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.” ~ Mark Twain

Good Morning, World!

A Short Video…Just Aaaahhhhh.

Camping…Only Better.

Beach All To Ourselves

Birding The 17th Street Jetty

Even Pristine Places Aren’t Exempt
From Trashy Homo Sapiens

End Of Days
A Different Perspective

We are currently at 253 species for the year.
Beautiful birdie photos coming next!

5 thoughts on “Black Friday Beachin’ It

    1. And for once it was ‘connected.’ Kids liked that part a lot! I can’t wait to share the birdie posers. It’s really hard to take a bad picture when the weather and scenery is so awesome. Cheers, Jet!

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