Happy. Love. It’s That Simple. (Sound!)

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Happiness has been a theme this week in the news, who’s got it, who lacks it, and how to get more of it. It could be that the divisiveness in our current political climate is the reason why the US didn’t make it into the Top 10. Or maybe the growing disparity between the Haves and Have Nots are dragging us down. I don’t know; I certainly don’t have any answers as it concerns others.

As for this nature girl, I don’t think too much about happiness in general. In fact, it’s more like the foundation that directs my daily living. I for one like to create my own reality with happiness at the center; I certainly don’t let others — TV, radio, friends, family, corporations — dictate to me what will make me happy. In this way, the crappiest of days can wind up a luscious dessert with whipped coconut cream and a cherry on top. It’s all in how I look at it.

My sister calls it a perverse La-la Land I’m living in; certainly, no one can be that happy. “Your house is like an old lady’s time capsule,” my brother chides, noticing that none of the picture frames have been changed in nearly a decade. He may be right, but I don’t see the value in changing something that doesn’t necessarily need to be changed. Life is pretty simple for me like that.

The older I get, the more me I become, and ‘me’ is hopelessly happy. As the words to one of my favorite Collective Soul songs go:

Ease your troubled mind
Let love seek and let love find
It’s simple
Easy your weary soul
Let love lead and let love flow
It’s simple

Of course, I prefer that my brother and sister hop aboard my Happy Buddy Buggy rather than throw pot shots from afar, but they get to choose their lives and the people in it just as I get to choose mine. Only time will tell whether we grow together or apart.

In the meantime, I’ve got this beautiful life to live and this beautiful world to explore.

Mueller State Park, CO

Outdoors With Hubs — My Most Happy Place!
Mueller State Park, CO

Five Wren Eggs

Happiness On The Back Porch
Five Wren Eggs!

Amaryllis — Happy Candy Flowers

Happy Tastebuds
Keyhole Garden, Spring 2017

Happy Pregnant Mommies
DirtNKids Deer Nursery 2017

Fix your situation, apply solutions to your problem, or make positive changes to reverse your circumstance. Because life is way too short to be spent unhappy. Whatever you do, I certainly hope you’ll come along with me and get’cha some good old-fashioned Happy.

It’s the only way I know to be.

 Colorado Springs Spring Break posts…coming soon!

11 thoughts on “Happy. Love. It’s That Simple. (Sound!)

  1. There is nothing wrong with living in La-La Land! It is a great place to be. Each day at the school where I teach this is said over the loud speaker, “Make it a great day, or not, the choice is up to you!” We get to choose, happiness, or not; you choose happiness!


    1. Indeed, Stephanie. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that La-la Land is not half bad, especially when it is so easy to get to — I just go outside!


    1. Well, howdy Peg! Always a delight when one of my long time favorites pops in for a comment. Uplifting is (I’m afraid) what many of us need right now. Just doin’ my part, ma’am. It’s Nature that makes it contagious (though I’d love to take Her credit). Cheers, Peg-O!


  2. I agree. There are so many reasons to be happy and grateful. Singing birds and blooming flowers in springtime are some of the most convincing. I love that you add nature’s sounds to so many of your posts. I look forward to reading about your exploits in Colorado.
    Best, Tanja


    1. Woo Hoo! I’m still on a high from that week, Tanja. It was just the recharge we needed; Colorado has a way of winning ones hearts.

      And now…planning for spring migrants. They’re here already and I have even put on my makeup! So many birds, so little time (a cool blogger once told me that). 😉

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